Rus Articles Journal

Life how reason for creativity?

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O/stavlyaya to our hearing ecstatic rhythms of an eysid
G/rezyat of an eye a visual feast a marker of a shagalovy era
O/pikassovoy to Lira an enchanting spectacle music ekhovtorit
of M / elodiya of the anthem of oberiut and the festival manifesto of futurists
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the Talented afulsky artist Elina Bogomolnik (Elin Bogomolnik) works at a joint of an expressionism and a cubism. Its way to art began in the childhood, at art school of the city of Balti (Republic of Moldova). Then there was a moving from Moldova to Israel. Events of the next years for a long time interrupted Elina`s creativity, and only in the middle of 2000 - x she addressed painting again. 2005 - 2009 were celebrated by searches of the style, numerous experiments with equipment and a manner of the letter. Landscapes, portraits, abstract works, cloths in classical style, and in modernist style …. And still Elina is very stylish singer with equal success executing the priest - music, the jazz, a retro and the Jewish folklore (she sings songs in seven languages).

The advertizing efforts made by Elina`s husband, the artist Andrey Orlov bore fruit, and in 2009 - m several works of Elina were sold through French an art - the dealer (intermediary) to Europe. A bit later Elina had an art - the dealer from California who sells its works in the USA. Did not do also without funny things - so, one of the pictures exhibited in a tel - avivsky gallery, was stolen (!) However, this incident forces to remember old truth - “bad will not steal“ …

Today Elina Bogomolnik`s pictures are in private collections of the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Israel … Success? Not everything is so simple. Exists much, it is a lot of reasons which are very complicating to gifted artists a way to general public, an opportunity to earn real money with the art.
- Painting remains the art focused on the rich and wealthy people, - Elina summarizes. - People of more modest prosperity almost do not buy pictures and if get something, then most often it is quite cheap reproductions of works of the famous masters, various copies … The competition among artists is big, traditions of patronage here, in Israel, did not develop yet. Local galleries often offer the prices which are not corresponding to those expenses of creative activity, energy and time which are typical for my works …

- Well that - we will wish that tomorrow it was better, than today. Progress to you in your creative work!

- Thanks. And I want to wish the world, good luck, love and inspiration to all my fellow countrymen and compatriots. Good luck are also safe!