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Tomorrow begins today?

Exist the professions familiar to us since the childhood, and professions about which we learn, having only replaced one country with another. Our story - about Eline Kozakevich, the fourth academic year in a row carrying out very hard duties megashert (the pedagogical worker at school dealing with social and psychological problems of children).

Elina was repatriated to Israel from Ukraine. The graduate being musical - teacher training college, gave the first years in the country to unqualified work. But its abilities, energy, will power and commitment prevailed, and nowadays Elina - megashert at schools Ben - Zvi and Gvanim . And it is that case when the person is that is called created for this work. Natural intelligence of Elina, her kindness, responsiveness and ability to understand the most different children allowed it to achieve in short terms fine results on a workplace.

Profession megashert it is the best of all to designate as the coordinator between the child at school, teachers and the child`s family (from the ivritsky word gesher - bridge). Elina conducts this work on to the Russian street among children of repatriates. Often, numerous problems Russians children are connected with distinctions in mentality of families of repatriates and indigenous Israelis, and work megashert - it is an integral part of process of integration alim in the Israeli society. It is very intense and many-sided work, and megashert often combines in one person of function of the teacher, the psychologist, the social worker

Having generalized the experience, Elina became the initiator of the organization of the seminar devoted to problems of school students - repatriates. Here some parental reviews of this seminar:

I Express the sincere gratitude to organizers of a seminar and I stand up for that this valuable undertaking was continued.

Information obtained by us from the experts participating in a seminar - very necessary and actual. We for that such seminars became regular.

Progressive approaches about which we were told on this action deserve the widest circulation.

Speaking about the work, Elina notes:

- I work in contact with Afula`s municipality. I am also grateful to my management - the head of department of education of municipality Shimon Amuyal and katsin bitakhon satires To Felix Gaysman, head mistresses of schools Ben - Zvi and Gvanim - Orly Hen and Iris Koral, and also to pedagogical staff of these schools.

- As if you briefly formulated an essence of your work?

- There is a good phrase in Hebrew: Atid - ze ma she osy akhshav . Or, speaking in Russian - tomorrow begins today!

It seems that these words can be considered as Elina`s motto. Let`s wish it success and udach on its hard way!