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About Elena Satanovskaya`s fairy tales

As to the person from the world of literature, me, from all sides of talent of the psychologist, economist and children`s writer Elena Satanovskaya, it is the most interesting than her fairy tale - them very much, and they are so good that I already cannot wait to try on on myself a role of the author of a forward to the book of fairy tales Elena. So

The Fairy tale - lie and in it a hint,
to Kind good fellows a lesson -

once domestic literature edified us. And, speaking about Elena Satanovskaya`s fairy tales, at once there is a wish to tell - necessary hints in them it is quite enough in order that reading interesting and pleasant to the child was also very useful. Telling children a fascinating story of Monstrik or Brave Seaman, in passing to acquaint them with economy elements, and at the same time and politicians!.

Besides traditions of the Russian literature, it is worth mentioning also the European kulturtragers, with their credo entertaining - to educate . To educate the modern child spoiled by technical miracles and modern razvlekalka - already very difficult task. To make at the same time education entertaining and interesting - a task of category very difficult. But the truth is that the talented person, owing to the universality, solves similar dilemmas really effortlessly. And for this reason Elena Satanovskaya`s fairy tales do not look certain boringly - the obligatory promoting urged to inform the young reader of a sad minimum knowledge, skills and abilities . Game as way of knowledge of the world, and fairy tale as dialogue with the child. And the one who saw a set of the drawings and pictures created by boys and little girls on a plot of the same Monstrika will not doubt that children accept fantastic heroes of Satanovskaya as the, in the same row with habitual classical characters.

However, I do not want to assimilate American to experts who are engaged in the fact that they create Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky`s fable retellings. Then the mass reader precisely knows - why Anna Karenina rushed under the train and for what Raskolnikov killed the old woman - the money lender. About` Kay, these guys not bad spent time, making digests of thick novels. But they did not understand the main thing - literature should not be retold. It is excuse for banality! - it is necessary to read. Therefore - you perelistnit, please, the page with my short preface, and as it is sung in one old song: It is only worth mastering the blank pages covered with black signs - and everything will begin to shine!

Children`s website of Elena Satanovskaya: staniv. ru