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Than to check fashionable truth?

Nobody should not nothing to anybody! Each person himself is responsible for everything that happens to him! Main thing positive spirit! This summary of books of popular psychology. Other psychologists are ready “to natoshnit“ tens of brochures a year with a detailed explanation of such here fashionable truth.

Recently found group of young people of slow development who painted a house wall, about the elevator. The small herd of morons had fun, looking at the work. Inscriptions were short. From “Katk a lokhushka“, to “9 - B - mu ….“. After my question: “Who will erase it?“ the most impudent bastard, probably, the fan of “Gangster St. Petersburg“, answered:

- The man, at you is problems?

After short educational conversation I found out that young people have to nothing to neither me, nor someone else and if I do not want to be responsible with the teeth for what can happen to me, then has to run positively home. Here remembered popular psychology - children speak popular truth. I do not think that they read it in books, probably, teachers and parents told. Fashionable truth discorded with my perception of reality, very kognitivno.

I understood. What is fashionable - is not always practical. It belongs both to things, and to ordinary slogans. Let`s try to check practice of everyday life the validity of some statements.

Nobody should not nothing to anybody.

Grandiose generalization. However, that anybody - anybody and to anybody - anybody?

Criminal, administrative, tax codes very convincingly show how many we owe an uncertain circle of people and the concrete state. Still I owe the tram and the traffic light. The first should give way because it big and iron, to the second - because it just is and shines. Still you can tell
to the beloved that you have to nothing to it. If with tram and the traffic light still it is possible to argue, then with the woman - for anything! It is dangerous to your sexual life and mental health.

When the child asks to eat, tell him that it nobody therefore you to nobody, including it, nothing have to.
the Pension fund owes nobody money, doctors have to treat nobody, and the police should not protect from bandits.

I think that we are owed a lot of things, we in turn too. In life in a different way does not happen.

But the context is important. The considered statement is very useful in a psychotherapeutic context.

If I understand and I accept that nobody has to nothing to me, then I will hardly be angry seriously with the shop assistant who gave short weight me on 100 grams. On children who decided to live life, without having asked my opinion. On the government, on police, on housing and communal services and the other cheerful organizations.

It does not mean that I will refuse the rights and for everything I will close eyes, just I will quietly react. What to shout and be indignant? My nerves are expensive to me. Therefore psychotherapeutic function of belief “nobody has to nothing to me“ is very necessary and useful. Just you should not understand it too widely.

Each person himself is responsible for everything that happens to him.

is a lie. If you go home and get under a casual bullet in gangster dismantling to which you have no relation, it is not your fault, respectively not your responsibility.
It is impossible to be responsible for what you could not expect, provide at all, even to assume. Therefore we cannot be responsible for everything.
But happens so what the person solves - who if not I? Good motivation to achievement of the purpose. Itself solved, itself made. In this context thought correct, I am responsible for my decisions.

Main thing positive spirit.

It far not so. For example, in education of children. I think, the good parent will show to the child different emotions, and not just positive.

Children have to understand accurately with what their behavior mother is dissatisfied. Respectively, on a face mother has to have not so positive emotions.
the Child does not know yet that it is impossible to separate a cat from a tail though he very much wants. Also there is a wish to knock with the hammer on the TV, glasswares, it very cheerfully tinkles. Well raised children on a face of the father (or mothers) quickly understand, it is better not to do it and if began, then at once it is necessary to stop. You think, the father on a face has to have a pleasure? Or what other emotions?

The positive spirit is really important. For example, internal beliefs, beliefs it is better to have positive. If to think that all people around villains, swine, thieves, then there will be neither tranquility, nor health.

Came to the doctor into policlinic behind the reference, received unforgettable impressions. Aunties in turn compete in stories at whom an illness more awfully, urine is worse, and pulse is not probed any more. That which at deaths door wins. It is the most dear, it has the most terrible horror. At such “positive“ they the truth want to be healthy?

Therefore the main thing not a positive spirit, but ability to choose when it has to be shown where also to whom. And inside let it will be easy and quiet. Speak, Buddha was very positively ready why brightened up.

Fashionable truth is easily checked by everyday life, they are not always practical, are often simply not right, but are very necessary and useful. It is necessary to treat them as to electricity. It is useful, lights bulbs, turns on TVs, recovers computers, but if foolishly to thrust fingers into the socket - can painfully strike.