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Huge clothes, but... What to put on?

Oh, great female happiness! Blouses, skirts, jackets, barefoot persons, jackets and trousers... It is possible to speak about it very long. But every morning, when ladies wake up, in their lovely heads there is a terrible question: “What to put on?!“ That is there been nothing to be put on-!

Though the clothes already go to pieces, all of them equally on half an hour desperately peer at it, hoping to answer themselves this painful question.

Paradox: there is a lot of things, and there is nothing to put on!

I admit, I too long cannot decide every day that to choose from clothes. It is necessary to peer with concentration at different things, accessories and footwear to be defined what to be published in.

Here that some girls think on this subject.

“Is four components important for the choice of clothes. The first is time. If I have enough time, I with pleasure will touch things which are in a case, I will not find something suitable yet.

One more part is a mood on which too a lot of things depend, not only the choice of clothes. If there is no mood then and to be picked numerous jackets and shirts there is no desire.

The third point - weather. I not from those young women who, in spite of the fact that behind a window serious minus, all the same put on a short skirt and a chiffon scarf under a coat. I put on on weather, I do not like to freeze.

Well, and the fourth component is a little excentric - pants. If they are thongs - that follows them or the fitting trousers, or a dress. And usual shorts can be put on also under jeans. And if they color or in a bright strip, then I can put on something cheerful.

There are 4 components. A lot of things depend also on a concrete situation. But all is more - from these four things“.

“At me does not happen problems a la “a full case of things, but there is nothing to put on“, I always know what I want. But all - my images completely depend on mood. If I want to be sensual and womanly, then I put on a dress and heels and if sports and incendiary, then jeans and gym shoes“.

“At me was such way earlier: to put on first, and then to look, it looks good or not and, respectively, proceeding from it to change clothes or go on the street on the planned affairs. My opinion - the choice of clothes depends on what is created in private life. If the lady has no partner arranging her, then she puts on brightly, provocatively, to draw attention of an opposite sex and if in her life there is a man, then is inherent in the lady modesty“.

... Or laziness. Well, it is already my note. That is if the woman has a man, then it is possible to go “trash“? He already chose it - means, it is possible to relax and put on shapeless sweatshirts and trousers of unclear color. Once you thought of it, and I shuddered. Not to happen to it.

Attentively listening and writing down everything that was told, I wanted to put on in the morning also - having just given in to an impulse, but I so am not able. It is very important to select clothes so that all elements and accessories were successfully combined among themselves. If the lady has a lot of clothes, it in general is remarkable. It is more than clothes - more various combinations for daily shift of an image, at the same time are not present need regularly to buy new things. But it does not say at all that it is necessary to forget about shopping.

It should be added a make-up, busik, ringlets, ear rings, belts, handbags and many other accessories which are desirable for using in creation of the unique image to all other.

At everyone the approach to this question. Actually always is what to put on, and you should not declare so categorically that it not so. Just it is necessary to approach a problem in a different way, creatively. Each lady remains unique while looks at the clothes a creative look.