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How independently to correct a self-assessment? There are no

anything more difficult and more important, than a normal, sober, objective self-assessment. It is difficult to control the behavior, consequences of the acts. It is even more difficult to estimate objectively the place in society and the opportunities.

At research of a self-assessment an important point is the level of claims of the individual. If the person shows to himself or to people around unrealistic requirements, to his thicket trap absolute obstacles in a way to the purpose. He is more often than others experiences failures. As criteria of estimates the common cultural and social individual valuable representations, stereotypes of perception or standards acquired during life usually act.

In this case there is a question whether an assessment we deal with itself? In this case accepts an external assessment of people as own and lives with it. The external assessment difficult gives in to changes, differs in a rigidnost and low-mobility. Therefore it is important to person to learn most to estimate himself more adequately.

The self-assessment formula is known. According to this formula, the self-assessment represents the success shared into the level of claims.

In reality all differently. People, being afraid that at them nothing will leave, obviously exaggerate the success. In other cases of the person with the underestimated self-assessment reduce the claims to a minimum. At the same time neither that, nor other way raises and corrects a self-assessment. And how to raise it?

Ways to lift a self-assessment a huge number. For you - the remembered ten.

1. Forgive yourself for all failures and the gaffes made in the past. They - the invaluable capital of your experience and your knowledge which can always use in life situations - recognize it.

2. Realize the achievements, victories, progress. If they are very small, it does not matter, it only at first sight. Keep the diary and daily them write down.

3. Try to listen more to own requirements and interests, respect, do not depreciate them. They can serve as good motivation to your activity.

4. Do not compare yourself to other people. Always there will be people who have more of something. If you are engaged in infinite comparisons, before you will always be too many opponents or opponents whom you will not be able to surpass.

5. You should not abuse and blame yourself - all this in vain. High level of a self-assessment will be inaccessible if infinitely to repeat negative statements concerning itself and the abilities.

6. Only positively you speak about the appearance, the career, the relations, a financial position or any other aspects of your life. Correction of a self-assessment is directly connected with your statements.

7. Avoid self-pejorative comments, accept all compliments and congratulations reciprocal “thanks“. Answer a compliment with a compliment.

8. Use affirmation (statement). Place on often used subject the statement it seems: “I love and I accept myself“ or “I am an attractive woman (man) and I deserve in life of the best“.

9. Repeating an affirmation, feel positive emotions. The effect of influence will be considerably strengthened.

10. Use any positive information allowed by you in reason. Let it take root there and influences your self-assessment and behavior.

The listed principles will help to change your self-assessment already today and to become more successful and self-assured person.