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How to understand that the man came for hunting? To women about men of

If at female hunting is at least indirect signs, then man`s hunting to distinguish not easy. The man - or the hunter, or is not present.

There are men - hunters on life . Well, hunting of women by it is a lot of and different, and always. Its transitory existence in this sense - game, sport, pleasure.

It is the most dangerous species of males. It is loved by all women. Because this philanderer always such for what there is a wish. Gallant, gentle, strong. Is able to do compliments and to appear in due time in the right place. Its networks are placed everywhere. Even you will not notice how in them it will appear! And if the woman does not include the instinct of an inaccessibility in time, then this representative of Homo sapiens will never belong to it.

There are hunters on need . It has a need to the wife or to the woman, and he calms down as soon as he meets the desires.

Here very thin side between idle and pets. The second can play and turn into the first. The diligent family man on one sure sign differs: he looked for the wife, found and married her.

The fan of women, as a rule, in soul always the hunter, but very lazy. Therefore can make impression of the diligent family man. But if the registry office was not and the nest is not equipped for future posterity, hunting means continues.

By the way, it is necessary to notice that each representative of strong part of mankind in soul always the hunter . He can and does not do anything, but thinks and looks. Looks - always. This their property does not make the diagnosis “ladies` men“ on all at all. There are still certain individuals who learned to operate the nature.

Handymen to dominate themselves, as a rule, one-woman men and are a good match. However it is not enough of them. Companions of the others of “cunning lewd animals“ need only to keep vigilance.

And happens, the man is not able to hunt at all . Whether hesitates, whether not the man. Such, fortunately, minority.

The first option will get sooner or later in pads of an attractive kitty who will not be confused his shyness. As we know, statistically it is less female mature floor, than man`s. Therefore, as they say, who was in time, that and ate. The second can be picked up too. Because “when it`s no fish even the cancer can be one“.

What signs that hunting is open?

Actually … any!

Because as it was written above, for men hunting is a way of life, its integral part. This action, as they say, was also not closed!

At the studied animal everything is rectilinear and unambiguous. If asked you a question: “Madam, and allow you to vpendyurit? “ - be sure, a trap somewhere nearby. By the way, it the man asks a question constantly. Not necessarily aloud. But movements, gestures, persistent courtings. Slightly you will lose vigilance - and you already in a stomach!

Man`s hunting is in the habit to flow smoothly in courtings. Here in general you will not understand any more. A sign of that you one leg in the seducer`s networks, - consideration of the invitation to descend to have supper with it. As the man is very lazy, he will not communicate with you just like that. Be sure, in the dreams he undressed you for a long time and made various obscenities. Repeatedly.

Even if the representative of strong part of mankind very decent also did not think of anything similar - he all the same thought. Just did not know about it. And therefore you can safely be offended and vleplyat a tasty slap in the face at the time of obtaining the invitation.

If on you hunting is open, you do not hurry to come across joyfully in the placed traps. For the man it is possible to place traps. It in general does it always, automatically. Without reflecting. And time efforts are not made, and production is not especially necessary. Will joyfully swallow and will not feel taste.

The most reasonable is not to come across, of course. Then there is a probability that the lazy male will turn into the real furious hunter. Here - that it will also show you what it is capable of! And the more will show, the of bigger it is capable. At due patience it should not be shared with many victims.

But this patience (and many other qualities) it is necessary to keep all life.