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Positive numerology of Hera Vodoleya - without “bad numbers“? There are no

of Yulia Piastro

In my numerology “bad“ numbers. Probably, it sounds awfully for professional numerolog - many of them for money “pray for forgiveness“ the eight and the six, at the same time “selling“ to the three and the seven more favourably. Well, and I - only the layman which read couple of books on numerologies and still a quantity of popular articles on a subject. And nevertheless, I make bold to claim that my system of numerology is not worse than any that it is created by the people who are sincerely considering themselves as experts on a magic essence of numbers. It is already interesting to you? We read further!

1 - in Judaic tradition - God`s number, the main number. I will add from myself that unit is a symbol of the Future because our era seeks for association of the people and religions, for association of mankind.

2 - what we do not alone, and together - any relations of people (cooperation, friendship, love, communication).

3 - traditionally symbolizes creativity. In Christian tradition - the Trinity, therefore - unambiguously good number. I will add with unexpected, but, actually, logical message: the three symbolizes both all life human, and History (three categories of time - the past, real, future). It does the three by really comprehensive number.

4 - there are treatments of number 4 as “death numbers“. In my version of numerology, this number symbolizes something absolutely another. Four is a rectangle, a square, in geometrical measurement. And it is windows, screens, displays, TVs, computers. Still it is books, newspapers and magazines (including religious, sacred books), audio-and video disks. Thus, the four is an exit to the world, cultural and cultural values, religion, ideology. And - the choice moment for the person consuming these values.

5 - five fingers on a hand - a fist - Unity. A symbol of association, solidarity, number, “conducting to God“ - to unit.

6 - the first strengthening of the three, among numbers from 1 to 9 (2õ3). Very strong number bearing to itself everything that is in the three, but at higher level. Number - the double-dealing fellow, conducting to the nine, about which the speech still ahead.

7 - traditionally happy number. Perhaps, I will not add anything the to it …

8 - numerologies frighten us by the fact that in this number - two zero. Actually, let`s remember that the eight is a symbol of Infinity. So - and a symbol of Space, the Universe. The first person visited Space in 1961:

1+9+6+1 = 17. 1+7 = 8. The symbolics and reality coincide …

of People with number 8 in date of birth (for example, been born on January 8) - most likely, the gifted person as inspiration, talent, contact Space (and people believers will read any talent Charisma).

9 - the last and strongest number among from 1 to 9. Second strengthening of the three; the three, multiplied by itself. Maximum strengthening of a form of the three. All the best in the nine, and this number - the best karmic protection (but about it is in other article).

Within my approach, it is possible to treat both dates of birth of people, and dates of these or those events - both date in general, and day, month and year, separately. Let`s take two years, significant for world history, and we will try to consider them from the point of view of traditional numerology.

1933 - year of coming to power of Hitler. 1+9+3+3 = 16. 1+6 = 7. The ambiguous treatment of the seven in numerologichesky tradition allows to speak about negative manifestation of number 7 in this date.

1945 - completion of World War II, defeat of fascism. 1+9+4+5 = 19. 1+9 = 10. 1+0 = 1, “God`s number“. Good, “pleasing to God“ date.

Speaking about the past, it is necessary to operate with concepts of “good“ and “bad“ numbers. But now, when all of us live in that, the era of Aquarius which is repeatedly sung by astrologers, it is possible to try to think more positively. When the aura of each of us is more positive, purer - the collective aura of all mankind becomes better. There are no, actually, bad numbers. Honestly. Though, professional numerologies think differently …