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Philosophy of corporal minimalism - whim or panacea?

to A. Orlov

(on the basis of my bitter experience 2008 - 2011) World crisis of capitalism, in my opinion, made by

especially actual a subject of moderate material consumption, moderation of corporal life. Gradually times of “consumer society“ when to the majority of us it was dreamed to snatch from life more money, things and the power when people worshipped any statuses and regalia consign to the past … Antidote from such approach - my philosophy and, perhaps, ideology which I called “corporal minimalism“. The corporal minimalism is not killing of flesh which adherents of some religions once tortured themselves. The corporal minimalism is a healthy lifestyle, morality, modesty in corporal pleasures, moderation in material consumption and a hard work of mind and soul.

In - the first, the impetuous increase in prices has to much teach us. Those who consume at the former level are silly, spending at the same time is twice more, getting to “minus“, uvyazy in loans … It is much more reasonable to moderate the consumer appetites. I remember the song of one western group in which it is sung “Break the videorecorder!“ I am going to offer you something much more practical - “Throw out the credit card!“ More precisely, one steadily working person will resist in any crises if he has no more than one credit card. If it is the husband and the wife - and to them quite enough one credit card. The person who is living on a disability pension, for example, and not having at the same time the stable side job yielding revenue together with a grant has some of poverty - the credit card is strictly contraindicated. And having a credit card it is the most reasonable to use it only for large and average purchases, but not for any trifle - “on trifles“ we also spend most of all. Capitalism manipulates consumers by means of advertizing, by hook or by crook forcing them to buy as much as possible. And capitalism very effectively manipulates us by means of variegated credit cards, by hook or by crook forcing us to overpay for goods (the various payments by installments overloaded with percent, commission charges etc.) Often, paying for goods in cash, you pay less, than on a credit card. So - consider.

The Israeli banks as the best means of depriving of money at the population. Israel persistently calls itself the civilized country, the country of the Western world - but it will not be that while there is a present banking system. Bank minus is laid over by high percent, but if the account in “plus“ - the client does not receive from this any monetary gain into the account. You remember how we in Soviet period laughed at three percent of annual profit in Savings bank? But in any Israeli bank gain percent on the account, which in “plus“ - zero, but also - a heap of commission charges for any bank operation. God knows when our banks work in a different way, and we live that is called here and now. Therefore, the most reasonable - to keep count so that not to get to minus because minus is a same loan, with high percent. Further. Long ago the slogan of economists of all times and the people stuck in teeth - “you keep money in different banks“. When the person has the account in two banks and in everyone pays the mass of money in the form of commission charges - to have one bank account much more actually.

In what Islam is right? It is possible not to agree in many respects with Mahomed`s religion, but personally I am very imposed in Islam by condemnation of usury, an odalzhivaniye of money under percent. In ours, iudeo - Christian, the world, nobody dreams to obtain the interest-free loan. Another thing is that percent could be much smaller. In 2008 - m the bank percent on the loan was about 10 percent, now - 14 and above. Therefore my following thesis, I think, it is quite logical - you do without loans and the credits. If you lack money, it is the first signal to moderating the requirements. And, where it does not damage your health and a family - to look for other work, to rise up an office ladder … By the way, about health. Present reality such is that almost any person of middle age has “in the asset“ one - two chronic diseases. And medicine now - the road. The road then when business reaches operations. For this reason pertinently to remember the old kind motto: “It is necessary to prepare for an old age all life“. Abstention from smoking and alcohol, a healthy lifestyle - it is actual now, more than ever. And I will touch upon a family subject below …

the Vicious circle “work - money - work“. Isn`t that so, familiar situation: the person begins to earn more, and he right there begins to spend more, increases the allowed size of bank minus … As a result, he or she should work more to earn even more (and to spend even more) - the vicious circle “work - money - work“ is so created. What exit from this damned vicious circle? Be cleverer than the requirements, and then your requirements will become reasonable. Work and career development - it is fine because work is the best self-expression of the person. But work should not turn into end in itself because it already - workaholism, and work should not be the greedy Moloch who is taking away all forces and health of the person, devouring all his free time - time which should be given to a family, to friends, good movies, books and music …

Equality is a cooperation and coauthorship, but not “war of floors“. The era of equality gave remarkable examples of the fact that women can work and earn not worse than men, and within their powers any career heights. But I do not think that men and women in the 21st century have to continue the childlike games “who will earn more“, “at whom the position is higher“ and “who in the house the owner?“. At us, by the way - overpopulation, is a lot of qualified specialists on the small number of places, very high competition … Therefore in modern conditions any feasible work - already the benefit. And the salary, career and the statuses do not need to be turned into a fetish at all and to do by sense of all life.

“The soul is obliged to work“. When I think of our civilization, strikes me what in the history of mankind figured prominently material and as there is not enough place if to ponder, we allocated for spiritual.

“Higher to put bodies to a shower -
Life, worthy the freak.
Over soul to put a body -
Is false freedom …“ -

was Written once by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and was absolutely right. We need reasonable balance of spirit and flesh. And education - does not come to an end with obtaining the High school diploma. On the contrary - it begins it. The huge number of creative people, a set of the most various talents - amateur according to the status, but professional on level is very characteristic of our era. Most likely, creativity will remain an earnings source for very and the very few, but creativity, as well as work - remarkable means of self-expression. And in conclusion of the article, I want to wish my readers wellbeing, good luck, health, creativity and love. It is our era!

Mr. Afula, Israel, on January 17, 2012.