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the Israeli reality Frightens by the disproportionate politicization. The period of the electoral companies gives a sumasshedshinka. The employed activists persistently prove to us why the party M is better, than party N (and vice versa). And, even from the point of view of the person living on a minimum wage - these activists will get paid for the promotion peanuts, pathetic pennies … But is not present! Political idea above all, and in one and a half years in my Afula crowds of obsessed will begin to hill locals, persuading to vote for the uncle Vasya and in any a case not to give the votes to the uncle Petya. In any case activists is journalists, splashing paper saliva, will begin to scribble the furious articles pro and contra with might and main. One simple question - what for? the Journalist, misters good, there will be only one of you - in case of the uncle Vasya`s victory, on one cadence, a maximum - on a zarplatka in one thousand shekels. And then, as it often happens, instead of the uncle Vasya the uncle Petya comes, and - physical cultural greetings. Work is lost, the salary is lost, and the relations with many citizens are spoiled, and first of all the relations with that mighty of this world are spoiled that in last cadence were registered in opposition. Pleasures for kopek, but problems on one million. Whether such dangerous game cost candles?

With full understanding and approval I treat those cultural figures who in the union with local government carry out serious projects, will organize concerts, exhibitions, festivals and decorate them with the brilliant participation. Yes, they are to a certain extent politized. But the talented person needs self-expression, often - career is necessary. And labor market is small, and the competition is high, and we arrived without communications and acquaintances, without the starting capital here, and the silliest would be not to try to get these communications and acquaintances if on our historical homeland vitamin pi“ is so necessary “. Therefore politicization irritates me only where on a game - kopeks. And quite “mekubal scarlet“ where the purposes are serious and it is simple not to do without cooperation with politicians.

Life experience gave me lessons which allow to tell: in art equality and for this reason to talent says goodbye more is not necessary. And than the talent … well is larger, you understood me. Career, besides. This civilization, a man`s civilization, drove women into such conditions that - only the hypocrite and the petty bourgeois can seriously discuss a question - but whether the actress A promoted through a bed.? Or perhaps quite so there was a career of the ballerina D.? All the matter is that equality in the civilized world is declared long ago, but to the true equality - even long decades … And to fans to gossip about allegedly low morality of people of creative professions I will tell directly: the morality is a soul, but not a body.

As it is easy to notice, I told about rational, reasonable politicization of those cultural figures whose creative professions are international - musicians, artists, dancers … Well, and to us, writers who wrote, write and will write until the end of life in native Russian - to us - that where to be torn?. On a zarplatka in one thousand shekels. On one cadence. With a set of the spoiled relations. Aha. You do not make laugh my slippers as my aunt from Kfar - Saba speaks.

And so, in general … I read about Hera Vodoleya much recently. About what it will be a fine era - an era of humanity, equality, new fine human relations. Especially I like to read about Hera Vodoleya`s women. So it is pleasant that even I become engrossed in reading. Ah, as they are beautiful! And if it seems to you that I speak about the future, I will answer - no. The future begins today, Hera Vodoleya came at the beginning of this century. And these beautiful women - they long ago among us. And, some of them even are my friends and good acquaintances what personally I am very glad to. And the one who like ideas of a new era has nothing to talk to politicians, and a framework of any religion is hardly necessary. Actually, everything already clear davny - long ago, and we about it need no propagandists.
of People has to work, raise children, believe in God and live on conscience. And I look back in depth of centuries and I see bloody series of wars, revolutions, revolts, mutinies, a terrible chain of massacre - what for?. For the sake of what?. Likely, we, to people of Earth, need more women in the head of states, women - heads that world politics became peace policy. Likely, to us it is time to make the equality which is written down on paper daily reality. Only, please - without wars and revolutions! “If you love, then but be not at war …“

Sergey Turkin,

the poet, the journalist, fate - musician.