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so why in Turkmenistan forbade the ballet?

I want to talk on a delicate subject today. I want to talk about those art forms which are connected with a partial or full exposure. and, as a rule, it is about an exposure of women.

from my point of view, the woman`s exposure - it is at the same time her call and her trust to men who are an audience of this action. beautiful half-naked woman - dominates over men the beauty, and at the same time - it is defenseless before them. it is defenseless before trite or obscene words which representatives lacking culture « are able to afford; strong a floor, in the spirit of former traditions believing that the morality of the woman is directly proportional to quantity of the clothes closing her body. that is why the culture of perception of the ballet is necessary, for example, and the culture of perception of such action as a striptease is necessary. here it is possible to ask - and whether the striptease is necessary in general if any woman, as a matter of fact, can execute something similar before the beloved, alone? I think, everything depends on culture of perception of audience. it is possible to undress so that the undressing will become the act of art. but there is no wish for such art if the great lady who is bared on a scene hears dirty abuse in the address, and in passing receives obscene offers which are necessary to it, as snows of yesterday, because she is already not offended by attention of men.

however, some little men go further, and to me was for a long time remembered slyshanny in 1989 - m to year the phrase from one Yugoslavian movie: all ballerinas - whores! it is not really clear what formed the basis for so wild statement. allow to detail? girls, generally - in tights, over them - the closed bathing suit, from above is put on a pack or a ballet dress. shoulders and hands are sometimes naked, no more than that. but sexism and reason - categories very far from each other, here also sound the tirade similar quoted, turned to ballerinas and gymnasts, figure skaters and a top - to models, or - to actresses, time in life played a love scene in any movie. I will be told what I too exaggerate. actually, similar relation to an exposure of women - it is characteristic of Muslims, of Asian men. but - alas! - sometimes and quite civil, it seems, Europeans show quite Asian hypocrisy in this question...

as for the phrase which is taken out in heading of my note - I have an answer to this question. therefore forbade the ballet in due time in Turkmenistan that some east men did not water great ladies from the ballet with mean words. though, I can be mistaken, and the Turkmen leaders could have other motives... and in conclusion, there is a wish to wish to the fellows on a floor of sincere and moral health, and correct understanding of women. well and - happy New Year, of course!

01. 01. 2012

(though business was on January 1, the author did not drink and did not smoke anything that could affect reasonableness of his mind and hardness of his memory.)