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New era?


Navernoye, to someone will seem strange that, speaking about a new era, I am guided by astrology and I use the term “Hera Vodoleya“. The matter is that I consider astrology as quite serious science - science which some false prophets, and also businessmen stamping the same horoscopes on all zodiac sign while only the personal horoscope of the person allows to do exact astrological forecasts, however, impaired a little reputation. And personally I when began to write this work, did not set as the purpose to write article on astrology is article about people and society, attempt to see what waits for us this century. “I can expect, but I cannot predict.“ So - what, from my point of view, is born to us by a new era, Hera Vodoleya, in 21 - m a century?

Among astrologers there are most different datings of the beginning of Hera Vodoleya, and the dispersion of dates is very big - of 1762 - go years to 3000 - go. I adhere to the dating specified by the astrologer V. Zimin: on the spiritual plan Hera Vodoleya came in 2003 - m, she will come to the physical world in 2020 - m to year. I also share the point of view of the astrologer Natalia Barskaya claiming that transition from Hera Ryb to Hera Vodoleya began in the fifties. Let`s remember what main events marking public progress happened on Earth of the fiftieth years and up to now.

The fiftieth - distribution peace (and, unfortunately, the military) atom, the beginning of a space age, increase in number of the socialist countries, origin fate - music - the most powerful on power influence of a musical genre … The sixtieth - the statement of equality of women in the Western world, disintegration of colonial system, the first flight of the person in space, Martin Luther King, with his fight for equality of races, “Beatles“ and their belief that music can make our world better the movement of hippie rejecting bourgeois tenor of life, a grandiose “festival of the world and love“ in Woodstock … The seventieth - intensive space exploration, the statement of policy of peaceful co-existence and “discharge“ … The eightieth - the end of long-term opposition of the East and West, the politician of disarmament … The ninetieth - emergence of the Internet, a globalization era … Two-thousand years and our days - world crisis of capitalism, a socialist rush of masses,

which swept this year demonstrations across Israel and some European countries … It seems that capitalism in the 21st century will become, so to speak, “more socialist“, will prevail sotsiat - democratic option of capitalism. It is quite probable that eventually the socialist countries will appear again - however, new socialism will be based on much higher financially - a technological level, will differ in much more free, than last century, in ideology … Telling

about the future, it is necessary to touch upon a subject of current opposition iudeo - the Christian and Muslim world. Islam in the form in which it developed in due time and confesses now - only of three avramichesky religions, differing in furious xenophobia, chauvinism, irreconcilable eagerness to fight and humiliating violation of the rights of women. You know, it is possible not to agree in many respects with Maxim Gorky`s views, but he possesses the fine phrase, the phrase for all times: “The culture of society is defined by its attitude towards the woman.“ It is possible, in the Muslim world there will be large religious figures who reform Islam in the necessary direction, there will be outstanding politicians and public figures who will make the countries of Islam originally civilized. But if it does not occur - well, the Christian world should begin real war with Muslim extremism and ideological war with medieval ideology of Moslem which looks an absolute anachronism presently. But also the present condition of Christianity inspires in much serious concern. Christ`s religion as any another, is shattered into great variety of the directions and sects, the Christian world is separated and mezhdousoben - so, and it needs reformation. Rather difficult and confused religious concept of Christianity, paganism elements in church service, often, push away from it even those people who are baptized since childhood in Christ. Very strange the thesis that only Christians will get to Heaven looks, and it by definition is inaccessible for all others. Much more democratically in this plan the Judaism claiming that righteous persons of all religions will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Still Christian anti-Semitism is not eradicated and if the head of Catholic church apologized for oppressions of Jews long ago, then orthodox figures also until now afford such statements and interpretation that for many the word “Orthodox Christian“ is a synonym of the word “anti-semite“. In general, perhaps double succession of events - or reformation of world religions and Judaism, or the gradual statement in consciousness of people of the faith in God which is not connected with some certain religion. Where there are a lot of religions - there will always be a soil for wars and contentions. Where people believe in God out of religions and live on conscience - the world and wellbeing.

Hera Vodoleya - an era of the true and full equality, an era of true release of women. The equality declared in the Western world in the sixtieth - the seventieth years, still is not realized really. Meanwhile, active inclusion of women in the sphere of a social production, science, literature and art gave a powerful impulse to development of our civilization, perhaps in due time, even rescued it. But - still there is a discrimination of women preventing them to do career, to receive a salary, identical with men, for the same work, still there are different forms of man`s violence over women … And it - in the civilized world! What to tell about the countries of Islam, about Third World countries?. And I very much hope that increase in number of women - heads, increase in number of women - politicians, thanks to many best female qualities, will make our civilization originally equal, will make world politics - peace policy. I will add to it that time of “double morals“ which for men and women - different, come to an end. The morality has to become uniform, universal, and the morality is a soul, but not a body.

A new era - the era of further rapprochement of the people, an era when internationalism becomes a norm, and the international conflicts and wars will consign to the past. Also the emphasis on the spiritual and moral and the quiet attitude towards material and financial aspects of life, the quiet relation to ranks and the statuses is characteristic of Hera Vodoleya.
Is valid, the capitalist period of development of humanity created a consumer society where the main thing was to snatch more money more power. Antidote from such approach - my philosophy and, perhaps, ideology which I called “corporal minimalism“. The corporal minimalism is not killing of flesh which adherents of some religions once tortured themselves. The corporal minimalism is a healthy lifestyle, morality, modesty in corporal pleasures, moderation in material consumption and a hard work of mind and soul.

As for idea of the Apocalypse, prophecies on the Messiah, on the second coming of Christ, on Makhdi (at Muslims) - religious practice learns not to interpret sacred books literally. To us, it is rather necessary certain “collective the Messiah“ which, in effect already is - progressive people, people of good will who, in total, move public progress and conduct mankind to bright future. I also very much hope that we will manage to do without Armageddon because the Armageddon, at the modern weapon, is capable to destroy completely life on Earth. “I believe in light reason and in the fact that it kind will be.“

of Mr. Aful, Israel, on December 13 2011

© Copyright: Sergey Turkin, 2011