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If not I, then who? About a cherished dream of “switchman“

Any school on the earth did not meet such careless head! On exposing “rulers“ forgot eternally whom to expose. Stood in the middle of the gym yes twisted the head on the parties, feeling each nerve discontent of classes, administrations and companions with flags at a pedestal. Even the bust on a pedestal was dissatisfied with me. While the look looked for to whom to cling, ordered to return to a system.

Disciplinary notebook of a scarecrow of the director of studies emptiness. Even laziness was it to line what there to run for each teacher after a lesson! And here, following the results of a year, the most model class got for discipline four hundred points, and mine … forty. But not because all of us were alcoholics and parasites. Just, which - who did not conduct a notebook. There were no points in it - “otl.“, “udovl.“.

As a result at me stole the cool magazine and burned. As to me then flew …

were not known by two little fools that they burned with the magazine which - that else. After this case I spent the childhood rest under the responsibility freight which is accurately assigned to me. How that pioneer what was responsible “for everything“, you remember? Also rushed... Time to marry, and I suffered as Rapunzel, having run away from “mummy“. How it will be without me small?! And when the firm went to a bottom, like the captain of “Titanic“. Though the office was at all and not Titanic, and so... a catamaran two-pedal with an umbrella. And all rest of the time as Fedya Sumkin is a keeper Koltsa of Sauron. If not I, then who? Honestly, who?

And puny it is necessary to the small most eternally! Well they cannot quietly remain sitting on a chair! To them do not put a stamp in the passport, at them and so on a face it is written that they will answer. For, for that guy and for world peace. Once they about it were told, assigned to them, entrusted them... Well, “without me I was married“ and I now - the person married. About those who since the birth “in a flank a plug“, we will hold back here they should allocate a separate subject. And the certain island in the deepest ocean.

My acquaintance did not take vacation for years. It seemed to it, the world will fail if she jumps over two - three waves in the Mediterranean Sea. And therefore it could be found at work. Also found. Also were indignant if suddenly it vanished. On affairs, of course.

Once, traveling a walking step from work home, I saw how exactly at half past six evenings by “Arbat“ harmonous promptly rushed is black - a blue train. I could not but call it. “Even the President dumped home a bit earlier, and you...!“ But it somehow was not impressed. Probably, affairs at it at that moment was more, than at the President. But believe, not she dreamed of affairs …

When you dive into cares with the head, want do not want, and a forehead in a forehead you will face the same drill, as well as there, at a depth. Also you will become at first deadly enemies, and then friends for ever. So not the person, responsible for war and peace, dreams of loyal friends. It has them - the ants in the pants make related them.

I Hate leaders and any activists! They like to make decisions independently, and to be responsible for them collectively. “Collectively“ nobody means “specifically“. If not specifically it is impossible and someone nevertheless has to answer, it will be not that person at all that made the decision. Therefore the switchman is appreciated and protected for the time being. And it is not necessary to dream of gratitude to it and silly somehow... Me “all men never came across to

there are goats“. I do not even know how they look. All men with whom I happened to communicate were normal people. And in this sense I am very happy person that I should not spit poison in their party and towards an opposite sex, in general. And therefore not the strelochnitsa dreams of a strong shoulder...

Nikolay Ostrovsky somehow wrote that the person of business possesses unique ability to infect with the enthusiasm of people around and when you see it a figure, eternally ready to action, itself you are loaded with this surprising energy. Many years I blindly trusted in it. Did not meet such “stiffened“, lazy person yet, looking at whom, you understand that “to disperse“ him and to force to work will be able unless a Large Hadron Collider (provided that itself will be able to disperse).

But not how to enslave the whole world, the switchman dreams.

O than he dreams, it is possible to understand, only when already lost everything when he brought all and made everything very much - very badly. Incidentally, without wishing that a droplet, having failed what it was responsible for. And the main thing - irrevocably. During that instant when you understand that the gut was thin initially to be responsible for world peace, you did not grow to responsibility. And did not aspire at heart.

Then it will be necessary only to slip on a wall on a floor and, having hidden a face in palms, to quietly sing a simple request of the fantastic princess Rapunzel:

“A bright beam
the Way find the sun in a haze
Ya I ask return,
That is so desired to me...“

Return me my freedom …