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Awkwardness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Awkwardness value determination of property advantage of a consequence harm to show the person the pupil the child why is deprived has to show as appears arises comes is born is expressed to hide to avoid awkwardness not to allow helps to suppress the reasons

z Awkwardness - feeling of shyness, shyness, confusion, shame.
zpv Awkwardness the good assistant in education of spirituality and philanthrophy.
zd Awkwardness - school of morality.
zpv Awkwardness favors to kindness, honesty, decency, fidelity, reliability, gratitude, responsiveness …
kpv Awkwardness - a board from a sin.
and Awkwardness often appears - from scratch, and is not - when has to come. and We love
, to communicate with those, - in the presence of which we should not have feeling of awkwardness.
and Mother of awkwardness - conscience.
pz Awkwardness except that helps the person to become better, so it still can rescue it from claims, reproaches, scandals and even prison, a bag and death.
to Light increases awkwardness, darkness - weakens.
to Awkwardness - the controller of behavior, conscience - the appraiser.
zpl True awkwardness - when the person reddens irrespective of whether is near who.
and Awkwardness and defect - vicious enemies, they suppress each other.
and is difficult to argue awkwardness with benefit.
to Benefit - is not on friendly terms with awkwardness.
z Requirements awkwardness - lull.
to Awkwardness - the shepherd of feelings.
dz Awkwardness - a state of mind.
and Awkwardness - the controller.
p Behind awkwardness - can hide nonsense
to there is no conscience - and awkwardness not from where to undertake.
z True awkwardness - when hesitates of people even secret and what nobody sees.
d Awkwardness the friend of good and the enemy is evil.
z Awkwardness - is in many respects obliged to a shame.
z False awkwardness - deception.
z Awkwardness - emotion.
d Awkwardness - promotes honesty.
zp Awkwardness often arises from - for violations of ethical standards.
zd Awkwardness participates in regulation of behavior of the person.
z Awkwardness - the enemy of inquisitiveness.
with it is necessary to Get rid of external manifestation of awkwardness through self-control - but not shamelessness.
to Awkwardness and conscience - go nearby.
to Awkwardness - the assistant to conscience.
to Impudence and awkwardness - are not on friendly terms.
z Awkwardness is undermined by impudence.
z Awkwardness is capable to resist even to instincts.
z Awkwardness cuts down excessive requirements.
and rejoices to faith in God that More, as well as all around it who had no awkwardness and conscience, and thanks to it the beginnings does right thing.
zp faith in God is extremely necessary For the people deprived of awkwardness and conscience.
z the Believer does right thing - even without having conscience and awkwardness.
z Awkwardness often is on friendly terms with pride.
p is Not enough to use from the awkwardness arising because of vanity.
z True awkwardness relies on conscience and morals.
and Awkwardness of gravity help.
z With ease can suppress awkwardness - instincts.
to Still in the person lives awkwardness - in it lie not the place.
and Lyubov does not know what is awkwardness.
z Deprives of the person of awkwardness immoderation.
z Awkwardness - the enemy of platitude.
z At the unscrupulous person awkwardness can be generated by vanity.
and Awkwardness - the enemy of flirtation and a coquetry.
zp Not the best exit to hide awkwardness for forwardness.
and Awkwardness of the woman are exaggerated, men - underestimate.
z Through awkwardness sometimes try to draw attention to themselves, especially it is peculiar to women.
z At men awkwardness is sincere - women often false awkwardness coquetting, only try to bid up to themselves.
and Awkwardness sometimes is more strict than the law.
p Awkwardness - the soil for mistrust.
and Awkwardness is lulled at night.
z Awkwardness - prirodnayasovest.
z Awkwardness - reflection of conscience and a shadow of vanity.
to Awkwardness - the daughter of conscience.
z to Indifference awkwardness is not conducted.
z Not always the person is confused and reddens - when lies.
It can be also reaction to mean suspicion.
and Awkwardness of the ignoramus often take weakness and cowardice for indecision,
and Awkwardness prevents egoism - to dominate over the person.
and Awkwardness for the atheist - is more significant. and to Understand
shameless what it is awkwardness, it is more difficult, than to the blind person from the birth - that such sight.
and Awkwardness fingers soul.
and Awkwardness - the little god.
and Awkwardness - the mentor.
and Awkwardness - the adviser. vp Pliable awkwardness - what is worth little
pz Flexible awkwardness not help to the person - it only misleads.
p Fear to censure - is not awkwardness.
and Some to hide the fear for people and themselves - give it for awkwardness.
and For one awkwardness - a hostile, importunate voice, for others - the friend and the adviser.
and Awkwardness - the witness.
and Awkwardness should not prevent to receive the sincere and deserved help.
and Awkwardness confuses thoughts and crumples words.
z will Difficult be born awkwardness - because of indifference
yu the Maintenance of awkwardness demands considerable expenses.
yu At some people awkwardness wakens only after punches.
yu Awkwardness - the prosecutor`s friend.
yu On a hungry stomach awkwardness is reluctantly.
yu Some men do not feel awkward - including its phenomenon purely female.
yu The easiest to imitate awkwardness - reddening from pleasure.
yu does not know what it is awkwardness - fashion.
yu To one awkwardness comes at once, to others - only next morning.
yu Awkwardness becomes dull with hunger.
yu Is very easy to show awkwardness to the young girl. For this purpose it is only enough to wear the clothes which are badly covering a body and to constantly correct it.

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