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Who thought up to add thorns to boots?

One guy by the name of Adi Dassler lived in Bavaria and was fond of soccer.

In 1925 the idea to supply football boots with thorns came to its mind.

In fact, he just added to usual boots what was well known in other area.

Everything began with it.

And further occurred here that.

In 1936 the famous American runner Jesse Owen acting in footwear with thorns won 4 gold medals and set up 5 world records at the Olympic Games which were taking place in Berlin.

In 1949 Adi Dassler (by then his company received the name Adidas) created the first boots with removable thorns. Soon also the new models of various boots intended for different surfaces began to appear.
in 1952 most of athletes performed At the Olympic Games in Helsinki in the Adidas footwear.
B 1954 German national team wins the FIFA World Cup. For Adidas it was the triumph instant as all football players of the national team acted in boots of this company.

1960 - Rome, 1964 - Tokyo, 1968 - Mexico City. All these years of steel extremely successful for Adidas. Athletes in the form of this company won a set of victories, shining with gold medals. Combined Germany in the Adidas footwear won at first the European Football Championship, and then took the World Cup. Adidas became a peculiar standard in the football world.

In 1996 Adidas becomes the main sponsor of the Olympic Games, and in 1998 - the main sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, sponsored future champion, French national team, and also all subsequent large football actions, including the World Cups and Europe on soccer.

Now almost at each person in the world is or there was some thing with Adidas emblem: sneakers, a jacket, a bag, a t-shirt, shorts, etc. everything began

A with idea to add a simple element to usual boots - thorns.

This idea made Adi Dassler the billionaire, and Adidas firm - one of the most known in the world.

The interesting facts from history of the company:

1928 Shipovki of brothers Dassler (taken out the patent D. R. P. - “German of patent bureau“), developed together with Joseph Waitzer (the trainer of the German National team) for the first time get on the Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Adie closely cooperates with professional athletes, trying to achieve optimum quality of footwear and to provide as it is possible the best support of “the“ athletes in Amsterdam.

1935 V of 1935 the income of the company exceeds 400 000 reykhsmarok. Most of the German athletes train in footwear Dassler. Every year Adi Dassler will organize sports competitions between the staff of the friendly companies.

1936 At the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, in Dassler`s sneakers, the athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals and established five world records.

1946 After World War II in 1946 production of universal footwear from the materials used in the American army is arranged: top - from tent fabric and skin for baseball gloves, a sole - from the material intended for gasoline tanks of military planes.

The middle 60 - x adidas begins with 1961 V release with portivny clothes for competitions and trainings. Production of balls is arranged in 1963, and since 1970 the adidas balls become official balls at all important football competitions.

1968 speak At the Olympic Games in Mexico City of 85% of athletes in the adidas footwear. The jumper in height Dick Fosberi wins gold, having subdued height of 2,24 m. It for the first time applies the new equipment of jumps which subsequently received the name “fosber - flop“ which radically changed this sport. The jumper at length Bob Bimon breaks a world record, having exceeded it even on 61 cm. Athletes in equipment from adidas win 37 gold, 35 silver and 35 bronze medals.

1971 On “a duel of a century“ Muhammad Ali and Joe Fraser meet. Both of them are put in the special boxing footwear simulated by Adi Dassler. The team of Germany in adidas boots wins the European Football Championship.

1985 Eleven of twelve teams participating in the European Basketball Championship trust equipment with Three Strips.

1990 Germany wins on the FIFA World Cup. The German team is from head to foot dressed in adidas.

1999 Adidas are celebrated by the 50 - the anniversary. The company passed a nice way and now is in an excellent form. For the first time the capital of adidas - Salomon AG exceeded the sum of 10 billion DM, and sales volumes reached 10471 billion DM. In the company 12829 employees worldwide now work.

2001 Adidas - the brand first in the history in branch of goods for sport which started the Customization Experience project (experience of release to order) thanks to which the new model of business is entered. The customer is given an opportunity most to simulate own footwear which would have those functional and external parameters which are necessary to him.

March the new system of optimum ventilation of footwear debuts 2002 V in the world market. Thanks to use of new air-permeable materials in all parts of footwear, a leg in sneakers of the ClimaCoolTM series can “breathe“.

2002 Having sold more than 6 million soccerballs, more than 1,5 million t-shirts and more than half a million pairs of Predator Mania, Adidas boots are confirmed by the superiority on a commodity market for soccer.

2003 release of new football boots of PredatorPulseTM Is adjusted, - the best for all history of soccer and become a brand number one. Their feature - in a revolutionary way the new PowerPulseTM technology based on the simple principle which was already used in a design of tennis rackets and golf clubs: optimum distribution of weight. The Predator® line noting this year the decade are the most sold football boots popular also among the best football players of the world, such as Zinedine Zidane recognized by FIFA the player of year, David Beckham, Raul, Michael Ballack, Kaka and Ruy Costa.

2010 110 years since the birth of the founder of Adidas Adi Dassler were executed on November 3.