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Попытка№2. And whether costs?

enter second marriage, and second marriages are concluded, as a rule, by incorrigible optimists. Otherwise, how still to call, their light belief that the second attempt will surely be crowned with success? The second union will bring peace and harmony, wellbeing and love. Pessimists are, as a rule, limited to the first unsuccessful attempt of creation of family life. For them it becomes the first and the last. They steep in education of the children who remained in inheritance from first marriage. If there are no children, they steep in work, do prompt career, on days off indulge themselves the hobbies and hobbies and do not like to watch touching, sentimental melodramas with the happy end. The Heppa - an and in their life will not occur until they stop being pessimists. Realists choose golden mean. They, whenever possible, willingly get the new relations, but to enter here into official alliance, and do not hurry to enshrine it by a stamp in the passport.
we will not argue On the one who is right and who is not. Each point of view, living position has the right on existence. And if to the person it is comfortable in his life situation, what else it is possible to wish him?
A here those, incorrigible optimists who decide to start life with a clean slate with the new partner need to be ready to the fact that something in their outlook, behavior, habits, can be even appearance and character it is necessary to change. Otherwise attempt number two threatens to crown a failure and negative result. Then can follow the third, fourth attempts, and so until the optimist does not become a pessimist. And the secret of success of repeated marriage if you, all - made up the mind to this responsible step, is rather simple - to be ready to changes.
Before building any relations and to plan future union, is necessary emotionally, physically and psychologically osvobotyisya from the former union and its partner. It is necessary to solve and settle finally all questions connected with divorce, the section of property, travel. To cease to wait for the former partner that he suddenly realizes everything and it will be possible to start everything anew. Any new relations and furthermore second marriage, it is impossible to construct if constantly to look back. Be exempted emotionally from the former life. Begin new life. And in old just close a door.
Should not idealize future, second marriage excessively. To expect from it the ideal relations. The relations will not become ideal and in second marriage if you and your partner do constantly not work on them to develop them. If you and your partner are not ready to it, all of you still continue to believe that the ideal family can turn out just like that, without efforts and work - you should not hurry to fasten the relations.
Before building the second relations and take to create second marriage surely in attention opinion of children who remained from first marriage. Between children and new mother and the father though they are not obliged to call so them at all - they have mother and the father, and the family, the normal human relations have to be created. This is not about love. Though if the man or the woman loves you, then it should not be difficult to fall in love with your child to it. It is about elementary contact and mutual respect. If the child does not accept new mother and the father - you should not break him and to force events with the REGISTRY OFFICE. Give all time. Eventually, this time or will strengthen feelings of partners and will allow to find contact with the child, or uberezhyot you from the next disappointment and the petition for divorce. Harmony has to reign in the relations in a family. The resonance in the relations will inevitably lead to their gap if to change nothing.
do not try to compare the relations with the former relations, to compare partners, and especially, do not try to build second marriage on past mistakes. The second attempt it not repetition of the lived material, and it is rather a correction of mistakes. Duplicating development of the former relations, be not surprised if you duplicate also their end. New marriage, the new relations - all this new, up to moving to the new house and new ware in kitchen. And the most important, is new you.
I is most important if you, the incorrigible optimist, decided on second marriage and are ready to enter it - believe in it. Believe that everything will turn out this time. Do not allow thoughts of failure and divorce to lodge in your head. And still act. Develop yourself and the relations. to Begin with
family life with serial number of attempt No. 2, it is better with feelings as though all only for the first time, without bitter deposit, but with conclusions from mistakes and failures of the first union.