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10 precepts, or thought over religion.

Hello friends, today I will try to explain that it 10 precepts, I will try to explain them, and answer a question whether they are necessary to somebody in general. I will tell
At once that sharply believing people should not perceive material close to heart.
We know that the Christianity arose in the ancient Roman Empire, and it as not strange occurred in the 1st century. What is already strange. Why before people believed in a great number of different gods and gods, and here later 20 thousand years of very quiet existence, appears, appears , but the new religion, with quite strong base, quite logical for those times and besides very convenient is not allocated. For whom convenient? For all. The Roman Empire was the slaveholding country and I think to slaves it was convenient to think that it after death waits for them, much more pleasant life than now (a deja vu?) . Naturally provided that they will be adequately to behave. Simple people should not think much, over questions as why and why, the religion gives answers to all questions. To great misters, conveniences in general everywhere, slaves do not die, do not steal and in general behave well because they follow to the Scripture and that the most important, the same after death waits for them pleasant surprise. And to the most top tops, so in general well is, nobody kills, steals, the world and an order. The religion is constructed well very competently, and constantly improved, in a consequence in 300 - x years there was even an official body controlling this activity - Vatican.
I so we will return to precepts, we will begin with the first:
1 Ya Lord, your God; yes you will have no other gods before the person Moim. Well here everything is clear to
, a dullish precept, anticipating dvuyebozhy and an opportunity to follow two religions.

2. Do not do yourself an idol and any image of the fact that in the sky above that on the earth below and that in water is lower than the earth. Do not worship them and do not serve them; because I am a Lord, your God, God the adherent punishing children for fault of the fathers to third and fourth [sort] hating Me, and creating favor to one thousand childbirth loving Me and keeping my commandments.
What it is necessary to the person? to devour, on to strike and have a sleep. The person will have enough it quite for existence. But if one person sees that he of his neighbor appeared, we will allow the beautiful house, he the same to himself will want same, or even better. If you consider the person worthy, and respect him, it is impossible to admire him? Attempt of repetition of success of your neighbor sin? And great scientists and figures how not to admire them?

3. Do not say a name of the Lord, your God, it is vain; because the Lord will not leave without punishment of the one who says the name Its in vain. the Sense of this precept me is not really clear to
, but most likely, it is connected the word God became more impressive and mysterious.

4. Remember day Saturday to consecrate it. Six days work, and do any your things; and day sedmy - Saturday to the Lord, your God: do not do in it any things either you, or your son, or your daughter, or your slave, or your slave, or your cattle, or a prishlets which in your dwellings. Because in six days the Lord created the sky and the earth, the sea and everything that in them; and in day sedmy rested. Therefore the Lord Saturday blessed day and consecrated it. to
Even to slaves needs rest.

5. Esteem your father and your mother that your days on the earth which the Lord, your God, gives you lasted. this
A the good precept, it gives the chance to keep same moral foundations throughout many generations.

6. Do not kill. Here the same everything is clear to
, but it is the weakest precept, millions of soldiers kill other millions, and do not feel any pressure of God. Well on extremely measure after the first murder.

7. Do not commit adultery.
What it is not pleasant to fat uncles that they so cannot? The next imposing of the moral principles, as not connected with good life.

8. Do not steal.
In general a world precept how many benefit it brought. Though losing the relevance today. Though live in society where the good moral principles and people well settled, no theft already will exist. For an example it is possible to give Japan.

9. Do not say the false certificate on your neighbor.
Emmm why to lie in general? Creation of this precept is not clear to me, it turns out it is possible to lie, but about the neighbor it is impossible? Strangely all this.

10. Do not wish the house of your neighbor; do not wish the wife of your neighbor, neither the slave him, nor his slave, nor his ox, nor his donkey, anything that at your neighbor.
I live in shit as now.

Well chtozh stated the point of view. Certainly the Christianity brought much good to this world, united many people of a different nationality, created a certain similarity of healthy society and facilitated life to many people. But it is certainly the mechanism of management of people, the most ingenious and really working. By the way in Russia Orthodoxy strongly differs also Catholicism and Protestantism. Here this religion was introduced, not so much for management of people how many for their association. Also considerable part was given to health and ordinary life of people. Posts, Epiphany bathings, certainly strengthen health. Besides also many pagan customs and traditions, the received hybrid were very harmoniously interwoven into Orthodoxy, it is quite cheerful.
I so, precepts not such and bad, their main sense - formation of society with certain moral foundations and rules of conduct. It is far easier than to provide to people an appropriate level of life. What at that time was almost not possible. There is this religion is quite good, you see, was a little worse if we had a religion where it would be normal to guzzle the neighbor.