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The life singed by war of

In the history of the people and the country, always, said truth:
Who to us with a sword will come - that from a sword will die.
the Reasonable belief is the people for centuries claimed.

Mai of the forty fifth - spring of the Victory! What
the price we got it!
the Artful, strong enemy, in rage animal, All power of the armada brought down
on the country.
Dreamed, with one blow to force to the knees.

Devilish creatures, in an image of misters over all,
the Bastards who planned the purpose the people to subdue,
are not stopped by divine supervision. Having appropriated to
mission and the right of forces heavenly,
They decided destinies of mankind of Earth.
People of the world, God`s slaves are their slaves.
They have to rule over them from a Satan.

They imposed the laws and orders,
Deprived of the life “granted“ from God,
to Several tens millions of souls of people,
Crippled their souls, physically, spiritually.
A God how He looked at all this?
As well as always, It found out what everyone is capable of, and, waited,
of the Put ceremonies, from representatives of the terrestrial.

Millions of believers in divine favor,
Prayed for rescue of children and begged God to protect.
But, divine forces assigned to them to a Satan.
I, devilish creatures, destroyed everyone,
of Women, old men, children innocent - charisma.
tormented them, scoffed at them, alive on fire burned.
A, how many the destinies crippled, health of lost? Who them considered
, in the country as the covered with wounds war.

But, there was enough mind, the put ceremony was carried out.
the country People, having passed all hell of war pitch,
Everywhere, on fronts, in blockade and in the back,
Fought back an aggressor worthy and cruel.
of Effort of the people, are incomprehensible to reason, Power of Army and Fleet restored
, having put belief in a victory.

Through the flaring lands, ruin of the cities and villages,
the Aggressor receded the return bloody road.
Defenders of the country, rescuing the Homeland, the Fatherland,
Mortal hell of war shared with the aggressor, winning.
the Enemy realized crash to the dreams to domination.
dreamed, only, of one Now how to survive how to escape,
B hell untied by war, in deadly fights,
As, to be on the lam, on God`s, favor in a nest native.

On the earth
devastated, blood-stained by the enemy uninvited newcomers left Sepulchral crosses.
the Enemy was protected furiously, but was forced to recede.
Defenders of Fatherland, the native land, saved also the whole world,
From obscurantism and tyranny, from plans of fascist executioners. our country delivered to
aggressors - villains on knees,
In a den of their devil dreams of world supremacy.

But, memory, values in the country now others dies away.
of Dignity of people are appreciated to modern measures.
the Mould covers moral foundations of society of the country.
Life under the law of superiority of the strongest, the most impudent,
Predominates over reason of a civilization of people.
I, only, in the history indelible trace of heroes,
Reminder on courage, on human love.
To the country, to a home, to relatives and friends.
I, about the greatness which our people showed always,
In courage, courage and kindness sincere.

Life of generation of people, - winners in war,
Singed by war and full trouble of losses,
on the verge of vital line of a decline,
the Last sources of memory live leave forever.
But, haunt their soul, thought of the future of the country.
About preservation of properties of soul Russian. whether
will be Always right it, to the principles Russian? whether
will breed, on spirit related, devilish souls?
which already torment memory of history of the country, the people.

The generation of the Russian winners in war,
With belief and hope, is bequeathed: Be famous for
the country washing with power and valor! Be famous for
for courage of the kind soul! be famous for Reason for
, the nobility!
I, in the world to the people living give all, God!
Share of character, reason, soul Russian!