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How it is good to study at school?

the Question “as it is good to study at school“ is actual at all times. Children are different. One study comes easily, others daily face problems. It is conditionally possible to divide school students into three categories.

can refer children who were lucky, to the first category study is given them without effort. These pupils most often do not put special work to receive the maximum quantity of knowledge. As result - the children belonging to the first category, often, are lazy and are not built. Everything comes to them too easily therefore they consider that there is no need to prepare for occupations. As a rule, the school students entering this category study on “well“ and “perfectly“.

can refer children who achieve good results at systematic zauchivaniye of material to the second category. These children understand that without effort they will hardly reach something in life. They should make every effort to study well. As a rule, children from this category very painfully endure each defeat. The most part of the school students entering this category study as “five“, occasionally in their diary “fours“ can appear.

Pupils who do not use the special efforts treat the third category school students and have no thirst for knowledge. Despite it, children want to study as good marks too. But usually these children either “mediocre pupils“, or “poor students“.

Whatever category the child treated, it is important for it to know that people around think of it. Units can reconcile to thought that they study most worse. In the bulk children seek to be better than the.

What it is possible to undertake well to study at school? the fact Is interesting to

- the more affairs it is planned for day, the more people manage to make. The child who is engaged in several sections and circles manages both to make lessons, and to attend out-of-class classes and to take a walk, and to watch TV. The same who is busy with nothing in postfixed time does not manage even to make lessons!

Why does that happen? Not concentration is the reason. Having come from school, the child realizes that ahead he has in the afternoon and he will manage to make everything. As a result, he spends aimlessly day and does not manage to notice how there passed time and there came evening.

The school student, remember! The more affairs you will plan, the more will manage to make.

What to pay attention to study well? It is offered several simple rules for those who want to study at school well:

1. To study well, it is necessary to say goodbye to laziness. Without it to study well it will not turn out!

2. You want to study well - plan the day, register in some circle. Activity change very well affects mental capacities. Distribute the time so that after lessons it was possible to distract from occupations for an hour - another.

3. Always perform homework. Even if you remembered what was told by the teacher during lessons - re-read a house subject. Never forget about oral tasks. From as far as you will understand a subject, how you will be able to put knowledge into practice depends. Especially it concerns the exact sciences. Always learn rules by heart. It is simple to learn one rule. It is far more difficult to study subsequently, having gaps in knowledge.

4. Perform tasks from “difficult“ to “simple“. Begin with that lesson which is for you the most difficult. It is with a fresh mind easier to cope with difficulties. By that moment as you will be tired, you will need to perform the easiest tasks with which you will cope without special work.

5. If for tomorrow nothing was set, review, give it half an hour. You will see, how easier you will be given studying of new material.

6. Physical activity - the ideal assistant to good progress at school. Performance of several exercises in breaks between occupations will allow to seize material quicker.

7. Never spoil the relations with the teacher. To study well, it is enough to be interested in a subject, and the teacher will surely estimate it.

Having listened to our councils, you will understand how it is good to study at school!