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LYUBOV ZEMNAYA... Well, why it is such.?!
What? It at all different … To whom will carry (and, such minority) - big, pure, true and beautiful … To bigger number from us, a thicket it is not lucky what without words the accruing statistics of stains worldwide … speaks about
Poets love a rhyme “love - pain and blood!“ … But, as there is no wish to have such combination in own love! There is no wish to meet “restless love“, there is a wish: “… texture of hands, texture of legs, destinies texture …“ and so, that for the rest of life! Truth? Only this way! - in a different way there is no wish …
Let`s try to understand together, - what it is our terrestrial love? How it arises? Whether it is always identical, or she can be classified somehow? For this purpose it is necessary to work a little, loading themselves now, it is possible also not the necessary information, and can be to someone and be useful in life. Because, the knowledge - force helping to live with smaller losses …
But before wants to be specified that further all of us time will consider the person as system of three of his forms - a body, soul and reason. These three components give the chance, at their harmonious interaction, to be shown the fourth form - to Spirit of the person. About a body we though know something, about soul - there can be something and guess, about reason, it seems to us, we know everything … And, here about spirit of the person, most often we remember only when someone dies, and we say that “it left spirit …“.
we Will return to love now …
She is different, for example, - love only of bodies. You meet the person and you reach for him only a body (all the rest is silent), and nothing can be done with it … You know that you it bad that it just is not necessary to you, and all the same, last, and there is a wish to merge with it in one uniform … The soul warns, the reason condemns, and to you on everything - to spit. You speak to them: “badly I hear you!“, communication, most often to nobody necessary, quickly passing (as only bodies “are hooked“) … also begins
Other option, you remember: “… also they lived - in perfect harmony!“. It when souls, their contact, causes interest in another. There is a love at the level: soul + soul. The reason can cold consider that it is not the necessary communication, the body can resist, and the soul will admire and fly with happiness.
of Options (levels) can be not so much (16 - t): reason + reason (it is option blue); body + soul = body + soul; body + soul + reason = body + soul + reason; the body + reason = a body + reason etc. of
The more is involved forms of the person in such variations, the it is more difficult to lose each other, to tear live from live.
But, it is impossible to live without love, we are not robots. It is our generator of light, high and sensual states. Only having love of people can also remain the person … To live without love, in my opinion, the most terrible treachery of itself … So, love to be afraid … not to go to the wood, but all is better - to have about it, about its falsities though some knowledge though some skills which could be useful in further family life.
Is considered that the family is a school where people have to learn to love each other … Over the years you understand that to learn to love another it is necessary as soon as possible, still from the cradle, from kindergarten, from school … Later, - it is less chances of the fact that else you will learn to love …
more often, we from a family, do not school, not “the territory of love“, but really gladiatorial arena, bullfight. Who whom will break, who whom “will teach to live“ … There is no wish to touch this subject …
of Knowledge - force (this knowledge - “more“!) helping to go on life with smaller losses.
Here that told me a code - that one acquaintance... it had the first husband who died in four years of their joint life; then there was the second … The first husband, for it had a fragrant body smell, tasty, pleasant. She could not inhale this smell, so it was pleasant to her! When married the second time, to iron shirts to the husband, became torture, they smelled not so … It was the smell, disgusting, awful for it, … and anything it could not do with it though the husband was clean, accurate and just the handsome.
Only many years later it learned that the reason more than 90% of stains - incompatibility of smells. The unpleasant smell, our opposition to it, gradually are imposed, accumulate on mentality. There passes time and we are out of the blue brought by hatred to this person, but the reason not to find any more... The dissonance of smells will work in time as a detonator, - sooner or later will jerk … It is better to disperse earlier in different directions, keeping the and other life.

There is a lot of, oh as much we need to know when you make the decision - to establish a family … As it begins

, this love?
Meet two, He and she … We consider them as the objects possessing some different electromagnetic fields, shrouding them proceeding from them, entering them. A certain our, constantly changing biofield. Sometimes, the most sensitive people, see, feel this field, can define their borders …

two Here met, looked at each other, were pleasant, and began … Intensity of the electromagnetic field at everyone grows (speed and time - all individually), they adjoin fields, the system of sensors begins to work for both - there is a check on comfort, attractiveness etc. If there is a mutual interest, there can be a spark, there will be a flash and everything, - hearts were lit. Now, to smart guys not to get to anywhere., attracted! If hooked a body, then the first reacts it (remember, the stomach bottom aches!) . If the soul stretched, then it begins to miss the second, the soul lasts, grieves … alone.
Ah, this soul! The nobility anywhere she at the person would be?! But, when to us it is bad, we always unmistakably show this place, speaking: “The soul hurts!“

And so, I smother the person, without complicating myself knowledge of it, it is easier to present as the balloon which got stuck in muscles of our thorax. The ball is filled with air, it is as if the soul carrier, a cart (driver) - Spirit! Depending on with what structure a cart - Spirit it is filled, there and aspires. If we have a heavy spirit - a close air, we aspire to a bottom, - “there is no time it is necessary to look, work for stars“. And the easy spirit pulls us to the sky, to flights up, to stars … The spirit can be pure, not pure, shining and black, cheerful, angry, sacred and not … When It watches
at It (the MAN is VISUAL), his spirit, in the form of light going from eyes begins to be condensed, collect, the cloud which is enveloping it, having its qualitative characteristics is formed … Such thermal space suit bearing a name of the creator because when another approaches it - he will feel the one who was to it … becomes it hot (That is why always you know about change; it is not necessary to ask, you just know!)

Further as Lolita sings, it already “chemical process“, process of firing of hearts through blood. Begins About - SPIRIT - About - CREATION … oxygen sates its blood, there comes deep euphoria, its balloon - soul, is filled with its spirit which with the body and heart is allocated by IT. We remember how heart works? - the principles of opening and closing of its valves as pressure increases in walls … It grows and there is their gap on a heart surface, appear, filtering through matter of heart, a blood droplet. Release of plasma which gives light begins. So there is an effect “Danko`s heart“ - heart begins to shine, let out light which allows to live this two as a single whole - the love terrestrial came!
They become supersensual, hearing each other at distance, and having an opportunity to come to the rescue (the distance of a role does not play!) there, and to the one who is dear. Can transfer it the life, the force, showing cheerfulness how a nature …

As the love dies?
Love is light! While it is - the love is! But, the effect “Danko`s heart“, has also a reverse side - “shining others, I burn down!“ Light is very quickly spent for maintenance of vital processes, - it it is required to love life much. That light of love remained long, it is necessary and to shine long. Quality of life, its expendables, unfortunately are quickly exhausted … His look less frequently stops on It, it ceases to interest it, to light, kolykhat … Not supported by light of two hearts, the love burns down; fuses as a thread in an electric bulb - there is no light any more! There is no Love also! the Eternal question - “who is guilty
?“. Often It, at the child`s birth, transfers the light to been born... He fades into the background, losing its light. Often It deprived of love, rescuing itself from a heart attack, transfers the view of another, seeking light support elsewhere not to die …

, How many people how many loving couples, are so much also options of the reasons for the left love. Though the reason one - there were not enough resources for long illumination of each other …
farther as it is sung in the song sung by T. Gverdtsiteli:
If the sun of love suddenly went out in a breast, for
Neither second do not wait, nor do not wait for second. for
second do not wait, set fire to all bridges,
Leaving, - leave, leaving, - leave …
of Everything, saying goodbye, forgive, leaving, - leave. do not feel sorry for
About anything, do not long for anything.
Let shout, let shout: “Wait a moment!“
For the sake of new love, that what waits ahead,
Leaving, leaving, - leave …

“What to do?“ - an immemorial question … What to do that the love did not die, did not die quickly, did not die in general?
the Answer - to develop in itself such qualities which would increase our luminosity would improve our energy resource (potential) that the light body of the person was filled with spirit in his physical body, doing it by light accumulator … to

Concept of light of the person, his light bookmark while just begin to accustom us, but in the world that they were always... And when we look at people, we can notice - all of them are different: one “and shines“, another “some dim“, the third - the Saint, over him the nimbus shines, and the fourth - “died away “- light ended and he died...
exist Today technologies which develop this luminosity in the person, - from dim “lamp“, people can pass into a condition of “burning“ when in it “the God`s spark“ begins to be shown... But for this purpose first it is necessary to create a special environment in which it is possible to begin to study, gradually crystallizing itself, - becoming more purely, more beautifully, more cleverly - the person begins to go on an infinite way of transformation...