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What modern structure and organization of a community of Mormons?

the theocratic principle with elements of the western democracy is put In a basis of structure and organization of a Mormon community by . I will remind that the theocracy is a system of board at which all important issues of society are solved only according to divine instructions, laws and revelations.

the Vertical of the church power


to understand a difficult vertical of the device of a community of Mormons, we will begin with the pyramid basis. The lowest step of the organization of people is arrival (or office). In it there can be from 250 to 500 people. As soon as arrival is beyond the marked border of members, it is automatically halved. Each new office begins to grow anew.

The arrivals located in one geographical district are called a stake . Such strange name is not casual. It goes back to those times when immigrants arrived to new lands and stuck a stake to stake out for itself a site.

In turn stakes unite in territory . On understanding of Mormons, the whole world is divided by them into 22 territories, 8 of them is in the USA and Canada, and 14 are scattered worldwide.

Arrival the bishop and two of his assistants operates . Coca is at the head of the president with couple of assistants. Besides, in each stake there are twelve highest attendants who form the supreme council of a stake .

Bishops and presidents of the territory submit to to the presiding episcopate . This body is headed by the president and two advisers.

The following higher step of a power vertical is quorum of seventy . It is the leading structure of church. The quorum has the president and two advisers. The advice to seventy is formed in honor of 70 people whom Jesus Christ sent to serve. The quorum of seventy is a general power at Mormons.

But also it is not the end of a power vertical yet! Over quorum of seventy council of 12 apostles dominates . Apostles can be considered as Mormon ministers who are responsible for different activities of a community. For example, under the authority of apostles - ministers are: work with youth, education, finance, construction, charity and missionary activity.

Above apostles there is the highest presidency . The most high-ranking official in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CJCLDS) is the prophet (he is a president) and two advisers . This trio forms the highest presidency. The prophet and his advisers are responsible for management of a God`s kingdom on the earth.

The highest presidency and council of twelve apostles are obliged to meet every Thursday in the top hall of the main temple in Solt - Leyk - City to discuss the current important issues and to receive for itself instructions from the Lord.

The president, apostles and quorum of seventy actually are the higher authority in church of Mormons . Two times a year Mormons arrange general meetings at which new officials are elected. It is possible to call it elections very conditionally as to each position there is only one candidate, and all for him amicably vote. At such system all appointments to positions go from above, but from outside this procedure looks as an element of Mormon democracy.

the Historiography and distribution of Mormonism

Mormons very carefully watch for stories of emergence and development the churches. In their opinion, history of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be divided into several main stages:

• 1820-1830 - prerequisites for emergence of new belief;

• 1830-1839 - emergence of Mormonism, as new religious trend;

• 1839-1846 - east period;

• 1847-1898 - development of the West;

• 1899-1950 - expansion and exit of church to the world scene;

• 1951 present - the world church.

There is a wish to dwell upon the last stage of development of Mormon church. At this particular time rough missionary activity of members of church abroad begins.

Mormon heads turned the look on those countries where borders of belief and national culture were indistinct or lost at all. The countries of Asia and Africa freed from a colonial yoke, and also the country of the former socialist camp in Eastern Europe and the republics of the former USSR got to their field of vision.

I found such interesting statistics on recruitment of new members in church of Mormons. In 80 - x years of the last century the new Mormon joined ranks of church each 5 minutes, at the end of 90 - x years this period was reduced to one and a half minutes.

The first American Mormons - missionaries arrived to the USSR in 1990, and in May of the next year in our country the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was already registered.

The difficult theocratic system of board having “finger on the pulse“ of life of a Mormon community, and rough missionary activity allowed Mormonism to go out of one state for rather short term and to begin rough procession worldwide.