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The review of the movie “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo“

it is difficult to judge the motives directing the director David Ffincher when he decided to remove a remake of the Swedish movie which was released only two years ago. Especially considering that the movie “The girl with a dragon tattoo“ Niels Arden Oplev was very strong: fascinating plot, bright characters, and unsurpassed atmosphere.

The movie of 2009 tightened the viewer so that he delightfully watched it on one breath. And here before us the new version of a picture.
the plot based on the first part of the trilogy “Millennium“ of Stiga Larsson remains the same. Moreover, considerable part of scenes of the original movie passed into a remake almost without changes.
the Central character is the famous journalist of the Millenium magazine, Mikael Blumkvist. He only lost in lawsuit against the billionaire, accused him of slander, and not only lost as a result all the savings, but also it appeared on the front pages of tabloids.
Then to it the offer from the businessman Heinrich Vanger arrives - to find Harriet`s murderer, his niece who completely disappeared forty years ago. Heinrich is convinced Harriet`s murderer - one of members of his family, in day of disappearance of the girl gathered on the island where there is a manor.
I it sends all these forty years it a herbarium - the gift similar to that which Harriet gave to the uncle annually on his Birthday since eight years.
Having lodged on the island, in a lodge nearby Heinrich`s estate, Mikael is forced “to cross swords“ to other family members Vangerov who live on this island in own houses. All of them - mercenary, greedy also understand the true purpose of stay of Mikael here though officially he helps Heinrich with writing of memoirs.

In parallel we observe Lise, a young neformalka - the hacker at the beginning of history it was entrusted to them to collect information about Michaelle. Lise interests business Vangerov therefore them with Mikael roads are crossed and they begin to conduct investigation together.
the Difficult task to remove remakes on very qualitative movie, especially if the original left quite recently - clearly that all will compare. whether
Coped with this task David Ffincher? Unfortunately, not absolutely. Its movie on the majority of positions loses to the original, and especially it is visible if to look at the second picture right after the first.
First of all, is the atmosphere. There is no that fascinating, ideal atmosphere here. The events which are taking place certainly are interesting, but they do not tighten as tightened in the original movie. In total any more not that - from images of heroes to background music.
Most is evident a difference between Lise 2009 and 2011. If Lise of the original movie was the real Dragon, then Lise in a remake in comparison with her is only a lizard. It has no such powerful charisma as the heroine created Noyemin Rasap - women with the spoiled soul, it is a lot of what passed through, but despite everything remained very strong.

Besides, in Ffincher`s picture the heroine only casually speaks about the past. While in the original movie it was better shown her personality and sincere experiences which created her present. Harriet Vanger`s
. It has no that charm, a charm which we saw in 2009. An image of the woman - a riddle, smiled with it is black - the white photo Mona Lisa`s smile, we do not see here.
And Mikael not that in the original. Unfortunately Daniel Craig did not manage to create for the hero such - charm as Mikael Nyuekwist.

But the advantageous moments, of course, are. For example, in the movie of 2011 it is very interestingly shown, how exactly Lise devastated bank accounts of the billionaire, not pure on a hand. While in the original movie it was not, we just by the way were presented with a fait accompli and let know that disappearance of billions - work of Lise.
Besides, is many distinctions in a plot which do not influence an overall picture, but create interesting alternative details.
Therefore to call a picture of work of David Ffincher bad is impossible at all. The movie is in own way interesting, besides very qualitative.
the Director sets the purpose to repeatedly picturize also other two parts of the trilogy “Millennium“ - “The girl playing with fire“ and “The girl that undermines castles in the air“ , - therefore it is quite possible that he, having considered the mistakes, will present us more atmospheric pictures.

“The girl with a dragon tattoo“ is an exceptional case of rather good movie at which really it is worth looking!