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Financial independence. What is it?

Are possible, many of you, dear readers, are already familiar with numerous books about success and finance. For example, “Manya, Or alphabet of money“ and “Way to financial independence“ of Baudot Schaffer, “The rich father, poor father“ and “Quadrant of a cash flow“ of Robert Kiyosaki, or other authors. In them it is much told about financial independence. For those who are not familiar with this the term popular today yet I nevertheless will a little seat about financial independence (freedom).
Many installations which are successfully imposed to us since the childhood as only correct - it is necessary to study, find well decent work, to do career in successful firm as a result to receive pension - turn life of most of people into infinite “rat race“. Actually, the more, usilenny you work and you succeed more, the more you spend it is necessary to work more. It appears, an exit from “rat race“ is. It is necessary to build the life so that not you worked for money, and money worked for you. The true security according to Kiyosaki - it when you can not work for the sake of earnings, be engaged, than want, but at the same time to gain stable income and not to depend neither on the employer, nor on the government.
So, financial independence (or financial freedom) - it is such level when you do not work for money any more, your money work hard at you and for you so money that they will be enough for implementation of all your desires. When you are free from money and can devote yourself to more interesting things, than, for example, sitting at office “full time“ with the purpose earn to yourself on livelihood.
Should note that nevertheless it is impossible to call that person who, working hard, receives a lot of money and is able to afford expensive purchases financially free. Its income directly depends on a salary. If it loses a source of the income, it will stop being the “rich“ person. Financially independent person has other sources of the income thanks to which he can live as he wants and not to hold down themselves in the eight-hour working afternoon. It is its own business, investments or both. He competently makes available funds and gets profit. And I consider what about such person can really be told: money gave it freedom!