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Happen cases when the well-known phrase of Pasternak - “The book is a cubic piece of the smoking conscience“ - it is possible to paraphrase with full responsibility - “The book is a cubic piece of the exulting pride“. In any case such rephrases Gayka is quite pertinent in a case with Arys`s book also KAZINYaNOV “100 treasures which Armenia presented to the world“ .

BOOKS - AS PEOPLE. SOME OF THEM POSSESS CHARISMA, CAUSE AWE, as if shine special magic light from within. You will not thumb through them on weight. And not because of weight of the volume. Before them it is necessary to be inclined - or to bow, - to carefully remove a jacket and, carefully holding for the edge of the page, to overturn them, feeling a smell of history and own priobshchennost to something … To what it is possible to speak long and beautifully about, and it is possible to feel all five at once and even the sixth sense - having taken the book in hand.

Arys Kazinyan is a historian, the journalist, the writer, our Arys published the next work - “100 treasures which Armenia presented to the world“. The book is prepared and published in the brotherly union with Gayk who conducted search of the Armenian treasures which hid in storerooms of the world and created such databank that not one more encyclopedia will surprise experts on history and culture with the precious deposits.

Always it seemed to me that the inventor of the Internet took for model arisovo a mozgoustroystvo. The panorama of its erudition is boundless. Memory is extremely immense. Ability to think systemically admires. Still the love and inspired obsession with which he tells in a circle of friends and writes on pages of the books about history and culture of the Fatherland and world which for it are inseparable admires.“ Album - not gallery of portraits. It is rather - the catalog of that “inanimate“ that long ago or recently won the strong place in an exposition of a world civilization. To a certain extent - a certain cut of “a World Fair of universal achievements“, whose exhibits are connected with Armenia or activity of Armenians outside the homeland“, - he wrote in the preface to the new edition.

This animated “catalog inanimate“ really strikes. Everything that brought in a mankind treasury the Armenian spirit, intelligence, talent, diligence, belief and firmness - since the most ancient times up to now, from the centers of a world civilization to most to suburbs from the East on the West and from the North on the South, - in the book - a treasury about treasures. And this gold mine of information is presented to the reader not in the form of multipage heads of high “eggheaded“ stylistics. The laconic articles of an improbable information saturation capable to force any owning the diploma to expand borders not only erudition, but also on a breath - here what we, Armenians! Or on an exhalation to state - here, it turns out what they, Armenians!

“100 TREASURES WHICH ARMENIA PRESENTED to the WORLD“ were PUBLISHED IN MOSCOW in MEDIACRAT publishing house, in the cycle “Great Armenia“ which included such books and almanacs as “100 secrets of Armenia“, “100 most great Armenians of the XX century“, “100 legends Ararat“, “The Armenian church“ and others. Financed the next project “Promsvyazbank“. About …“ as about a printing product it is worth speaking “100 treasures only verses. This paper which you touch, as to parchment, these magnificent photos, as if framed in a framework from gold leaf and weaved from collages of ancient miniatures. Work of the whole team of designers led by the artist Ekaterina Evdokimova led to creation of the book in which, as in the person, everything is fine - “both the person, and clothes, and soul, and thoughts“.

“100 treasures which Armenia presented to the world“ - the edition gift and left with a circulation of 450 copies. Though it was necessary to listen to opinion that “each Armenian has to have such book in the house - as psychotherapy“. And in it there is a big reason.

“The Armenian domes“ of St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Peter`s Cathedral, “the Armenian faces“ from a mosaic of a basilica San - Viatle in Ravenna, monastery frescos in Vladimir, Saint Minas`s cathedral in Florence.“ The Armenian plan“ the Turkish National theater and Opera theater in Alexandria, the European temples, Armenians on a throne of the Spanish lords and possessors of the historical lands of Moldova and Bessarabia, and “the Armenian throne“ of the Russian tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich. Yes unless you will list everything! All rises of the Armenian spirit which enriched world history and advanced a world civilization on one step - an oil lamp and the color video image, the ATM and the crane - the mixer, turbolt also a planet research vehicle, even the first coffee salon in Paris! And in parallel - an art - the opening becoming a basis of creation of currents, the directions, the schools producing pupils worldwide!

All this and is a lot more - a lot of most interesting entered the book “100 treasures which Armenia presented to the world“ which is not simply pleasant to be taken in hands, it is fascinating to read and it is prestigious - to present to the acquaintance. She not just fills with pride and forces to have the real, not kvass feeling “we are we“. It inspires, in vague the rest forces to believe in spirit and force of own people today, and - passing, forces to look in the future from great - in eternity - yesterday in the future with not illusory hope. And for it to Arys and Gayku Kazinyanam and to all who presented us a treasury of treasures, - thanks.

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