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How it is the best of all to prepare mutton?

Of course, mutton it is the best of all to fry. For this purpose use various parts ­ of a lamb. However processing and preparation of these parts for frying are various.

In - the first, wash out meat and dry.

1. At a shovel remove ­ a scapular bone and cut out a humeral bone, then cut off shank, smooth out from rough sinews and films, cut off excess fat and uneven edges of meat, having given to a piece the correct form. ­ Beat off the processed shovel meat from internal part, a zashpiguyta ­ garlic, salt, strew with the black pepper ground sprinkle ­ wine, the vegetable ­ refined oil, turn roll, tie up a twine, grease with sour cream, leave for 1-3 hours.

2. At a back leg of mutton remove a pelvic bone, chop off shank, cut off excess fat, films, sinews. Zashpiguyte garlic (the cleared segments ­ of garlic cut lengthways on pieces) and the cooled salted pork fat which cut thin ­ pieces 2-3 cm long, salt, strew with ground black pepper.

3. In ham make ­ several punctures, rub with mix from grated garlic with salt and pepper ground, leave for 2-3 hours in the cold place.

4. At brisket make an incision a film from the inside, remove bones, grease with mix from ­ pounded garlic with salt and pepper, sprinkle the wine ­ refined or olive oil, ­ turn roll, tie up ­ a twine, grease with sour cream and ­ leave for 2-3 hours in the cold place.

If mutton old , then ­ fill in the prepared pieces of meat with the cooled marinade, ­ distributing spices with vegetables ­ evenly, leave in the cold ­ place for days or on two, ­ depending on age of mutton. Periodically ­ mix meat ­ with vegetables and spices for uniform pickling. Marinade

Onion, leek, carrots, a celery, a parsley root small cut

, put in the pan which is (not oxidized), add bay leaf, allspice, ­ a carnation, parsley greens, a thyme branch, salt, sugar, bay leaf, fill in with wine with vinegar and a small amount of water, boil 10 minutes at weak boiling under the closed cover, cool, without uncovering, remove a thyme.

­ Take out the kept waiting meat­, dry. On the heated ­ frying pan with fat fry ­ the prepared mutton before receiving a crisp crust, then ­ place in the cabinet oven, ­ periodically water with a net and ­ wine, overturn for ­ receiving a uniform crisp crust. In process of readiness of meat reduce temperature in a zharochny case. If meat already got a zazharisty crust, but ­ is still dampish, cover meat with the white ­ paper moistened in water and in process of drying moisten it.

Remove ready meat from ­ a frying pan, from roll remove threads. From a frying pan where meat was fried, merge juice, remove excess fat, add 3-4 tablespoons of water, boil, filter. Sochok merge in other ware, add grated garlic with salt, bring to boiling.

­ Cut fried mutton before ­ giving on pieces, warm up in a sochka, give with the boiled ­ siliculose haricot filled with sauce garnish ­ marinated grapes or plums, bush pumpkins. Water meat with a net, issue greens of a celery or lyubistok, fresh tomatoes.

Mutton - 1 kg, wine - 1/2 ­ glass, vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons, fat - 4 tablespoons, salt, the black pepper ground salted pork fat - 50 g, sour cream - 2 tablespoons, ­ garlic - 4-5 cloves.

For 1 l of marinade: carrots - 1 piece, a celery - 1/2 root, ­ parsley - 1 root, onion - 2 heads, leek - 1/3 stalk, bay leaf - 2 pieces, ­ a carnation - 1-2 pieces. dry white wine - 0,5 l (wine can be replaced ­ with vinegar with water addition - meat will be more rigid), a thyme - 1 ­ branch, salt, bell pepper, vinegar - 1 glass, sugar - 1/2 ­ teaspoon, water - 1 glass.

Garnish: haricot siliculose - 500 g, ­ marinated grapes - 4 gronka, plums - 10 - 12 pieces, tomatoes - 2 pieces.