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Kundalini - energy of love

of Kundalini - the yogi now in fashion. People practice, accept special asanas for disclosure of charkas. No it is not possible to make it mechanically for 1 life. Let`s try to make it not mechanically, an is conscious at the level of psychological installations less, than in 1 hour.

For disclosure charkas need to be eliminated the wrong installation, to change the outlook.

1 - I chakra - Muladkhara - it close our fears. A the primary source of all fears - fear of death. And to get rid of it it is necessary to understand difference of soul from a body. I am not a body. I am to a soul eternal. A it means that there was no time when I would be born and there will be no time when I die. A a body is transitory. It is given us for certain time that we could act in this world. In what - that the moment we will lose this body and we will receive another. No the soul does not die. If we understood that there is no death - we got rid of fear and 1 chakra reveals.

2 - I chakra - Svadkhistkhana
- opens forgiveness. For this purpose it is necessary to understand the law of a karma: “Our today`s is a result of the past and the reason of the future“. If I have a father now the alcoholic to which to spit on me, means, in last life I devil-may-carely treated the children. There is no sense to take offense at the father - it is necessary to take offense at my unreasonableness in the past and now to conduct itself more reasonably. To forgive whom - that, it is necessary to ask at first forgiveness most. Such bad karma is a favor of God which will make me more reasonable. If the person takes offense at whom - or for what - that is in the future him waits for repetition of a negative karma. If we forgive all - God forgives also us. If you offended whom - that, try to ask forgiveness how to lay down to sleep (that day).

3 - I chakra - Manipur - open repentance if it is a shame to us with our nonsenses. Also it is closed if we look for to ourselves a justification - it is one of the depression reasons.

If I understand that I know nothing - that I can study. No pride will not allow to regret. Training - the second birth. I am not right - teach me.

4 - I chakra - Anakhata - open love ko to all live beings. We are given rise to be darlings and to love! It is necessary to find worthy objects for love, but thus to wish happiness even to enemies.

5 - I chakra - Vishudkha - opens the blank speech. It chakra truths, Absolute Truth. Opens in result:

A) studying of sacred treatises;

B) discussions of sacred treatises;

C) not discussions of any nonsenses.

Test for check: indifference to a praise and gratitude for criticism.

6 - I chakra - Adzhna - open when we see unity of all live beings. Desire to find a source only. At this level there is an enlightenment.

7 - I chakra - Cakhacrara - opens in yoga time - communications of soul with God when I understand that I am servant Boga that happiness - in us, in attentiveness to God. It is communication through a mantra - meditation, prayful practice.

Each of charkas can devote a minimum on - one article. If this subject is interesting, it is possible to deepen it to infinity.

Number 7 very interesting. We distinguish 7 flowers, we hear sound scale from 7 notes. The word a family consists of seven I (even if it consists of 2 people). In a week 7 days (once in China decided to make week 10dnevnoy, but from - for jump of depressions, increases in diseases and decrease in working capacity are decided to be returned seven-day week).

The human organism is completely updated at the cellular level in 7 years.

In the Veda it is told that as the mothers it is possible to consider seven:

- native mother,

- that that raised,

- the wife of the spiritual teacher,

- the wife of the brahman,

- a cow,

- the earth,

- the tsar`s wife.

There are 7 qualities of the head: heroism, force, determination, resourcefulness, courage in fight, nobility and ability to direct.

There are 7 sacred rivers: Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Sarasvati, Narmada, Sindkhu, Kaveri.

There are 7 qualities of women: glory, good luck, graceful speech, memory, judiciousness, fidelity, patience.