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Webley - Fosbery Automatic Revolver. And whether there is a revolver automatic?

the Phrase “the automatic revolver“ not only is unusual, and just offends ears. Yes, there are automatic guns, carbines and rifles. But revolver? Why to it automatic equipment? To shoot turns?

But round “shop“ of the revolver contains at most 10 cartridges. Automatic recharge? But the pro-collar of a drum is carried out by pressing a trigger. For a recharge it is not necessary to distort a lock or “to break“ the weapon … What for?

However such questions the inventor of the automatic revolver, the young lieutenant of the British army George Vincent Fosberi, most likely did not set. At that time, the end 19 - go centuries, the weapon mechanics endured the real boom. Then great armorers Hayrem Maxim (a machine gun of “Maxims“), John Browning (the semi-automatic gun “M1900 Browning“, a machine gun “Browning of Sq.m“), Hugo Borkhard and George Lyuger (the semi-automatic gun “Automatic pistol“), brothers created the Mauser (the semi-automatic gun and a rifle). At this time also “the automatic revolver“ was invented. The name is quoted because the revolver produced in lots was nevertheless semi-automatic, it could not shoot turns.

So, Webley - Fosbery Automatic Revolver (the revolver automatic Veblya - Fosberi) - one of the most original revolvers in the world. In total in it not as at “all“. The perelamyvaniyem weapon as the ordinary fowling piece is loaded. Has a safety lock as the automatic gun. The principle of operation of automatic equipment the same that is applied on a legendary machine gun of “Maxims“.

The charge is taken by “change“ from a prototype: all revolvers released by weapon firm Webley & Son which the inventor chose for production of original “child“ were so charged. For the first shot the cock is manually taken away back. Further automatic equipment works. The principle of operation of automatic equipment is simple: at a shot return shifts the top part of the weapon back which through special cut in a drum turns a drum with cartridges on the half-boss and comes back a special spring, being turned still. Everything, the following boss costs opposite to a trunk. It was necessary only to press a trigger.

Descent, from - for the fact that it is not necessary to turn a drum at Webley - Fosbery very soft. That there was no casual shot, on the revolver the rychazhkovy safety lock, as in modern guns is made. At “change“ of the revolver of a sleeve move forward from a kamor a special extractor for convenience of a recharge. Rate of fire of such revolver made up to 20 shots a minute and if cartridges connected a special plate (in 9 - mm option) - to 50 shots a minute.

Production of the revolver in 1900 began. At first the firm - producer tried “to push“ it in the English and American army. The small batch of such revolvers was even purchased by the British military fleet, but on it all also ended. In - the first, the revolver of such design was expensive in production. In - the second, the exact mechanics was quite sensitive to any pollution. In - the third, at a misfire in the ordinary revolver it is rather simple to press descent, the drum will be turned - and it is possible to shoot further. In Webley - Fosbery at first it is necessary “to break“ the weapon, then to turn the reel “on one click“ and to return a trunk on the place. It is quite so written to instructions. It also was the main cause of failure of the British military department.

However the British officers to whom this gun was very much fallen in love did is made not as in the instruction. In case of a misfire they just sharply pulled a trunk back, imitating a shot, further automatic equipment itself turned a drum. Just as in modern guns. But … “the train already left“, officially Webley - Fosbery was not taken advantage. But each British officer could get it for the money, having handed over the authorized weapon. Just as the gun “Mauser To - 96“ in the Russian imperial army which bought the Revolver instead of the authorized revolver. The revolver was issued under cartridges. 455 Webley Mk II (army boss similar to American. 45 ACP) and. 38 ACP (9 mm, police option).

Technical characteristics.

Weight, kg: 1,24 (without cartridges).
Length, mm: 280 (with a trunk of 152 mm).
Length of a trunk, mm: 100 mm (short), 152 mm (standard), 190 mm (sports).
Boss:. 455 Webley Mk II or. 38 ACP.
Calibre, mm:. 455 or. 38.
Initial speed of a bullet, m/s: 190 and above.
Type of ammunition supply: 6 - charging drum (. 455 Webley) or 8 - a charging drum (. 38 ACP).

Due to small return, the convenient handle and easy descent the revolver was very much fallen in love by athletes - shooters. Even the sports version of the revolver with the extended trunk, softer descent and more exact automatic equipment was let out. Firing accuracy from this revolver was simply unattainable for self-platoon revolvers where on a pro-collar of a drum the considerable effort not only a forefinger, but also all hand was wasted.

For an example, the famous British shooter Walter Vinans (Walter Winans) from sports modification of Webley - Fosbery managed to place 15 of 18 shots in 2 - an inch circle at distance of 35 feet at fast fire offhand. However, strangely enough, these advantages also ruined this remarkable weapon. The English shooting association considered that the automatic revolver “gives an arrow considerable advantages“, and Webley - Fosbery excluded from the list of the weapon allowed to competitions. It also hammered “the last nail in a coffin cover“ of this remarkable weapon.

All less than 5000 automatic Webley revolvers - Fosbery were released. Because of the small number they are very much appreciated by collectors around the world. The Webley revolver price - Fosbery at weapon auctions begins from 1500 pounds, irrespective of a condition of the weapon.