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How to overcome the conflicts in the relations?

Each of us are a unique personality, respectively has own views and opinions. Quite often, in communication of two or several persons there is a dispute which often leads to the conflict!
What to do how to learn to solve similar situations how to reach compromise what to do if the conflict nevertheless happened?
Most sharply people endure the conflicts in relationship with close people. Therefore, it will be a question of situations between men and women, in married couples or couples which are in the period of creation of the relations, emotions strongly complicate understanding of each other.
First of all, it is worth reflecting that it is more important for you: to win dispute, to tell the last word in the conflict or to keep the relations. If there is an understanding that just to break off the relations not the best way of the solution of problems, and in a family in which there are children the gap leads to suffering, first of all, children. Especially, breaking off the relations, you do not solve a problem, and just postpone its decision. The unresolved situation will surely return in future relations, in this or that look, with other person. Most likely, the come-back situation will be even heavier than that from which solution you escaped. So to speak, the lesson of life is received, but examination is not passed, it is necessary to repeat. At me, for example, happened that situations repeated several times. It is useless to think of why it happened to you? It is necessary to understand for what there was to you this or that situation, having accepted and having reconciled to the situation, to draw the correct conclusions. If conclusions are right, you realized what it was necessary for you for, the problem will leave, and your character will improve.
the Vedic knowledge which is written down more than 5000 years ago is very extensive and practical cover the topic of the relations between the man and the woman. In the Veda it is said about what should be understood that we are the reason of all problems and the conflicts which happen to us. Otherwise there are no chances to avoid conflict situations. Our egoism will not allow us to make it. Egoism will always accuse someone, but not itself. Egoism will not allow us to carry out the duties disinterestedly. Claims will be always present at our communication and as a result - the irritation will lead to the conflicts.
In a family, the man and the woman have to accept the nature and needs of each other, to live according to them!
the Man has to suffer all whims of the woman, allow it to show the emotions. It does not mean that it is obligatory to satisfy all whims, it is simple not to be irritated on them, to consider that she has the right to it.
the Woman needs to accept and reconcile to the power of the man in a family. All to accept and not to accuse him of anything. The man often argues the point of view even if he understands that he is not absolutely right - such is his nature. Arriving wisely, it is easy for woman to influence the man, open dispute will hardly lead to a solution. Knowing it, the woman can keep silent without causing anger of the man, then or to accept his point of view, or having a little had a little cry, to insist softly on the. The man eats happiness from emotions of the woman therefore it is painful to him to see her tears or to wait when she ceases to take offense. The woman`s weapon - tears.
For avoiding of the conflicts needs to allow to test each other happiness in a family according to the nature. The man tests happiness from the power in a family, his opinion has to be respected by all members of his family always. The woman tests happiness from care and from manifestation of love to the family.
it is correct to behave, are necessary forces. The correct behavior brings fortunately, but demands considerable efforts. Strength to the person is given by observance of a day regimen, healthy nutrition and a prayer.