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About what such “House of the Rising Sun“ sing in the song “The House Of Rising Sun“?

Meet the people seriously considering that so-called “chanson“, or, in other words, prison music is some special phenomenon of Russian culture. About what it is sung in foreign songs, many compatriots do not even suspect - at best, know only as these songs are called.

Therefore they have an opinion that, for example, if the song is called “The House Of Rising Sun“ (“House of the Rising Sun“), then it is sung in it about something very beautiful and romantic.

Proceeding from it, our handymen wrote to Soviet period on the above-stated song many amateur covers. They did not shine with poetic skill, but unanimously were about dreams and love. For example,

“Goes all over the world a legend of that,
That somewhere among mountain heights
Costs, there is the most beautiful house which
U the sun rises.

And if I could not believe,
would Live all life without efforts,
But I went to look for this house which
U the sun rises.

I went through the mountains covered with ice,
Ya went both week, and year,
But I did not find, did not find this house which
U the sun rises.

The legend of that goes all over the world,
That somewhere among mountain heights
Costs, there is the most beautiful house which
U the sun rises

Look for, look for, people, that house which
U the sun rises“.


“There passed many years from those fantastic dreams,
When I loved here and lived.
Meets me our old house
With an empty dusty window.

Nobody waits for me now,
will not warm the smile,
Left, the smile your
In that fairy tale of boyish days was dissolved.

You were from fantastic dreams too. there is no
you with me Now.
Meets me my old house
With an empty dusty window.

- it you will not return back the fairy tale,
It does not come itself,
A the sun - it is high in mountains,
I does not climb down mountains to us“.

As it happens, “The House Of Rising Sun“ was so claimed in this way that not so long ago Garik Sukachyov shot the movie “House of the Rising Sun“ where this image symbolizes romanticism again - this time the Soviet hippies.

In the homeland of this song - in the USA - such parallels would be simply inconceivable because the song - the barefaced complaint of the person who “was drained in by the dangerous bog“ brothels of the criminal world.

Translation of Yell:

In New Orleans the place,
Called the House of the Rising Sun
Tam is life of many children from poor quarters
I ended, god sees, I know that I - one of them.

My mother was a seamstress,
It she sewed to me new blue jeans,
A my father was a player
In New Orleans.

Understand, everything that is necessary for the player in life -
the Suitcase and the truck,
A is happy it only then,
When is into smithereens drunk.

Mother, tell the children
not to repeat my mistakes,
it am necessary not to live fast in defect and sufferings
In the House of the Rising Sun

Ya one leg on a platform,
A second on steps of the car,
Ya I come back to New Orleans,
again to put on myself these fetters (literally - “a chain and a pig-iron sphere“) you Know

, in New Orleans there is a place,
Called the House of the Rising Sun
Tam life of many children from poor quarters
I ended, god sees, I know that I - one of them.

Not without reason the END of the MOVIE group will create the excellent parody, having sung on motive of “House Of Rising Sun“ the text of the famous film song “A billeting, the engine, do not knock, wheels...“. Also it is necessary to recognize, this parody is much closer to the original, than the above-stated versions. Even closer to the original the translation of S. Rosnovsky who consciously adapted sense of a song to realities of our prison music. I, in turn, for the sake of a joke adapted to rhythms of “chanson“ and a song melody (references to this version see in 1 - m comments to article).

There is in St. Petersburg a raspberry,
That “Dawn“ is nicknamed,
Tam of boys of normal
Was gone much in vain.

The mummy was a seamstress,
Katala was the father,
From cops`
olive it Found the end.

The suitcase,
Then only are necessary for life of the thief
the Feather yes it is happy,
When it in an ass is drunk.

Tell, mothers, to children,
did not live that as I am
my life Was gone In “Dawn“ of damned this

Carry me in the car,
of the Lattice on doors,
In bracelets my hands,
A a breast all in domes.

There is in St. Petersburg a raspberry,
That “Dawn“ is nicknamed,
Tam of boys of normal
Was gone much in vain.

However we will return to the original. The glory of the song “House Of Rising Sun“ steadily and quite fairly contacts ANIMALS group. But on their single 1964 near a song costs the note “words and music - national“.

And, really, attempts to define who wrote the song, still did not lead to success. One write that the oldest record “House Of Rising Sun“ is made by Clarence Ashley in 1933, and Ashley claimed that he heard the song from the grandfather. Others - that the first record is dated 1935 and its CALLAHAN BROTHERS duet made.
A here the collector of the American folklore in the book “Our singing country“ (1941) claims that the melody is taken from the English ballad “Matty Groves“, and words are written by Georgia Turner from Kentucky.
By the way, in early House options was executed from the face... women - most likely, the run-away prostitute. Write that ANIMALS replaced it with the guy that the song could go to an air. But in general, the main array of the text remained the same.

But the musical basis at times considerably differed from the version habitual to us. Let`s say performed by Georgia Turner, Clarence Ashley, Lidbelli, Woody Guthrie and many others “House“ was executed on major (but not minor) a basis and sounded as the most standard a country or the blues. To catch echoes of future hit ANIMALS in versions 1930 - 40 - x years I could only at CALLAHAN BROTHERS. However gradually the song gained lines more and more familiar to us. Quite recognizablly it sounds in 1950 - the beginning of 1960 - x performed by Ronnie Gilbert, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk. By the way it is considered to be that ANIMALS were inspired by Dylan`s version, though the vocalist of group - Eric Byordon - claimed that heard the song in Newcastle performed by Johnny Hendl.

If you listen to all early versions, then will understand as far as children from ANIMALS improved the abstruse ballad of the “lost“ person. First of all, it is necessary to mark out the keyboard player of group - Alan Price who possesses arrangement of a subject and violent solo on body. In fate - music of those years such big “specific weight“ keyboard met extremely seldom. If to add drama guitar search and just heart-rending singing of Byordon to it, then becomes clear why, the song which is written down by group in 15 minutes became such big hit.

Having left in June, 1964, the single with “House Of Rising Sun“ headed a hit - parades and Britain, and the USA. It was the first British song in two years which occupied 1 - e the place and did not belong at the same time to a feather of BEATLES. Even song length - 4 minutes 20 seconds (for that time it was the most long British single) did not prejudice success. However, for the USA the version nevertheless had to be truncated to 3 - x minutes.

After that “House Of Rising Sun“ began to disperse on the world in unimaginable quantity of covers which at the moment not less than two hundred. Here and the excellent options of GEORDIE and BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE groups constructed on a traditional basis and it is incendiary - the Spanish SANTA ESMERALDA and EL PUERTO versions, both touching execution Shined O`Connor, and alternative reading of MUSE.

But we did not answer a question that it “the House of the Rising Sun“. One considered that it is a brothel. Like, existed in 1860 - x years in New Orleans the brothel nicknamed so from - for the hostess bearing the name Marianne LeSoleil Levant (the surname is translated from French, as “Rising sun“). Others believed that this place where prostitutes forcibly and not safely for health were treated for syphilis. The third - gave preference to prison, considering that the song is sung on behalf of the girl who killed the papashka - the drunk and the player.

Here that one of performers - Dave Van Ronk spoke “At home“:
“Is similar to all rest, I considered that “house“ was meant as a brothel. But a time ago I was in New Orleans for participation in a jazz festival. We with my wife Andreey and Odetta drank in a pub when the guy with a pack of old photos - pictures of the city of the beginning of the century appeared. There along with other, there was a photo of an entrance aperture from a rough stone with the image of a rising sun engraved on the center. Intrigued, I asked what the building is. It appeared, it is New Orleans women`s prison. So it became clear that I was mistaken in a root from the very beginning“ .

Anyway, clearly only one that here does not smell of any romanticism - even criminal.