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How to find the calling?

If to modify a little the well-known poem of Mayakovsky after the own fashion, then we will receive very much even a slogan actual today: “I where - nibud will go, let I will be trained!“

By and large all quite so also is: the young specialists who are let out “in weeds“ different solid and not really educational institutions, stand on such crossroads with all terrible reefs attracting and frightening, and also surface, dazzling and enticing that from all this abundance it is possible to become puzzled and be lost.

You were in such family way too? And maybe, now you are? Then let`s understand together.

I will begin with what was told to me by many fairly clever and quite successful people:

“All only in your hands!“, “You can make and find all that you will wish! “, “Everything can be trained, the main thing only - to be self-assured“, “There is nothing impossible“ …

And also: “Be not afraid to make mistakes“, “Try. Decide“, “If it is not pleasant, it is always possible to leave“ .

And if concerning everything is higher written I cannot argue - beautiful words and common truths, then I will not agree with the last phrase a little.

Quite often I hear it supposedly be not afraid to replace the place, to leave etc., but allow, to find work that then “if that-to leave“ and to begin to try something else, - it already slightly gives irresponsibility and is associated at me more with “nadkusyvaniye“, than with eating and digestion. Though rational grain in it is: time now another, stability any, it is necessary to adapt to circumstances and to listen to the organism, but not to work of alien “friendly staff“ and “there is always a wish to eat“ …

And still … As one wise person advised me (and all here by me told - exclusively good advice no more, I do not dare to be imposed, perish the thought!): “At first properly think and be defined where you would like to work. Then choose the direction and the plan of further actions, get to Wednesday necessary to you and hold on there at least 3 years“ .

Well, of course, in the hold on offer my opponent meant not to go down carrion stream, and to acquire knowledge, experience, an experience and “to earn to himself increase, then why to you to work there“?!

Here so my further actions on a gain were explained to me... well not the world (though why is also not present!) but the calling, the business. We spoke with it in the train all night long, more precisely I listened, and I was set on “a true right track“, and, eventually, I defined for myself the key moments of my light future career :

1. Properly to consider “the way“ (a little pathosly, but the essence transfers). can Think long, the main thing that it is productive! What are you able what you like to do, and, above all, than you still persistently are engaged and to what as force, hands do not reach, to whatever trainings you resorted?

The frank answer is very important as to work for the mankind benefit, and first of all itself favourite, it is necessary to you, and it is the simplest to make it in that area to which your soul lies and where business is argued. That is to find something that you understand, you can and you want to do. (The last depending on circumstances is quite admissible not to consider since. desire - piece changeable, depending on difficulties, laziness and not contents of the administration).

2. To manage to lift all on ears the searches. not to bring to white heat, and to speak, ask, ask to find out just unostentatiously if it is possible, everything, as for the sphere chosen by you. Newspapers, acquaintances, the Internet, talk with friends, announcements at stops and even communication with relatives can not directly, but to bring you to the necessary office of that work of your dream.

The same communication with the woman Dusya who incidentally caught me on a landing and not releasing to the threshold of its apartment gave me not only the “fascinating“ story about life of her grandson, but also useful information as where and by means of what he got a job. Reeled up to itself on a mustache.

3. Not to fall apart and not to be discouraged! Because when you look for, should meet “some difficulties“; as beautifully tell some, at the same time without going into details (but line is generally good - not to whine and not to complain!) .

Disappointment, deception, “perversity“ of the administration (concerns both ill-breeding, and addictions and narcissism) - all this comes to an end with waste, disbelief in the forces of finding of “place in the sun“, up to the destroying thoughts: “Already all the same where if only money paid, and there I will endure“.

All paradox in what you will not be able infinitely to suffer, and all that time until you suffer, neither pleasure from made, nor good results do not receive. Only irritation and fatigue which is especially inherent in unloved work. Special, devastating, and even in some measure the destroying fatigue.

4. Not to stop studying and be trained. to learn Something, to be interested in something, somewhere to aspire and be improved. Because never you know what, eventually, will play a crucial role at acceptance you for work and that will even help to hold down this job and not to pass for the fool, especially at the beginning.

In general, from you it is required to stay in an easy dissatisfaction and desire to achieve the best result. Then it will turn out to break through.

5. And finally - to show to itself respect and severity. Then the first will help you to show others the price, and the second will emphasize your value. And goodwill and a tidy look will help to make to employers the correct conclusions about you.

Patience and good luck to you in search of the calling!