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What do we know about the future movie of Bondiana? Details about shootings of “Skyfall“

last week the group of crafty journalists visited a legendary film studio of Pinewood in Great Britain where the director Sam Mendez removes the next series about the agent 007 adventures under the name Skyfall. It is 23 - y the movie about James Bond, according to the official list, and the third exit in this image of Englishman Daniel Craig.

Besides this year at the franchize anniversary: there passed exactly 50 years from an exit of the very first picture based on Ian Fleming`s works (“Doctor Nou“ of Terence Young, 1962). Such successful coincidence became possible in many respects from - for financial problems of the MGM company. However, instead of traditional two years admirers of the agent 007 had to wait for all four. However, there was more. At the beginning of 90 - x years when the company tightened search of the next leading man, between “The license for murder“ (Timothy Dalton) and “A gold eye“ (Pierce Brosnan) 6 years imperceptibly passed.

Unlike “Mercy quantum“ which plot was closely connected with events “the Casino the Grand piano“ where Craig for the first time went on watch Skyfall will be absolutely modern history. Though is just still known of a plot of the movie a little: apparently, it will rotate around relationship of Bond and his chief M (the seventh emergence in this role of the actress Judee Dench). The past of M pursues it and the faithful agent has to deal with skeletons in the cupboard by all means.

This time Spaniard Javier Bardem got a role of the main villain. His character, Raul Silva, as well as many other opponents of Bond, will try to make something grandiose, following the principle “the end justifies the means“. It is not authorized to actors to go into detail of subject peripetias of a picture, and it is normal practice. Bardem noted that he tried not to watch the previous movies of Bondiana that to him it was not necessary then to separate too or, on the contrary, to resemble other film villains of the franchize. Especially as among the last very picturesque characters met: Christopher Lee (“The person with the gold gun“), Christopher Walken (“A view of murder“), Johnathan Price (“Tomorrow will never die“) and Robert Carlisle (“And the whole world a little“).

I will remind that the Spaniard still only twice zlodeystvovan on a screen. Last time - it is especially successful. For a role of the hitman Anton Chigur in the brilliant criminal thriller of brothers Koenov “To old men here not the place“, Bardem received a set of prestigious awards, including the Oscar. In that movie Bardem walked up and down with an amusing hairdress (and it was the only amusing aspect of this personality). In Skyfall, apparently, the actor should try on an image of the blonde.

The company to Bardem and Judee Dench to whom in the new movie much more place in the scenario is allocated will be made by such outstanding performers as Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finni. On these four 14 nominations are the share of Oscar and 2 actual figurines. Apart from Mendez`s Oscar for “Beauty on - it is American“. So with the level of acting and director`s skills in Skyfall has to be all right.

If the female audience traditionally goes on Bond, then men are interested not only an action, but also new girls of the agent. This time them will be two. In - the first, 35 - the summer Naomi Harris who was remembered to the viewer in an image of the lisping sorcerer in “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“. Harris will act as the secret agent of Eve. In - the second, the hot Frenchwoman with the Cambodian roots Berenice Marlo who will be responsible for “a glamour and mystery“. And it practically everything that we know of these characters.

Manages suits in the new movie to Yanni Temima, for several years creating the fenteziyny world of “Harry Potter“ on a screen. Itself Yanni noted that Skyfall - first of all, the director`s project of Mendez. “It one of those directors that always introduce in any, most known and iskhozhenny work, the author`s look. Nevertheless, all of us understand that Bondiana - one of cinema icons. It can be modified and brought into accord with present realities, but it is possible to change. Yes, outside 2012, and public is eager for something new, but the main formula of success we left alone“.

It is no secret that the absolute majority of movies about James Bond prefers to transfer the viewer to various exotic places of our planet. In this plan authors of Skyfall made a knight`s move. For the financial reasons many “exit“ scenes had to be shot directly at Pinewood studio. Besides actually for the first time the considerable part of a tape will directly result on streets of native London. In the nearest future the film crew will go to Turkey, and in May, 2012 Mendez plans to finish shooting all material and to start a stage a post - a prodakshna.

However, to journalists allowed to wander on studio so which - what details of the future adventures of Bond became known to us. This and Chinese casino to Macau, and the abandoned settlement in Japan, and the London subway. Works on special effects not who other as Chris Kurbold, the person who was responsible for visual feasts of all pictures about Bond starting with “The lunar racer“ of 1979. He at the moment is the chief specialist upon whose professionalism Christopher Nolan, the creator of “Beginning“ and “The dark knight“ relies.

In conclusion we will note that the budget of Skyfall makes 200 million dollars that even to present measures is considered the solid sum. Well, each time to Barbara Brokkoli, the producer of the franchize, it is necessary to fork up more and more, adventures of the gallant spy need to be modernized. The considerable part of the budget will leave on the fees to the invited stars and scenery are not cheap now at all. However, creators of the movie should complain hardly because this series of Bondiana is traditionally included into the list of the most anticipated film premieres of year. The premiere of Skyfall if there are no slips, will take place on November 9, 2012.