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- Than his this maiden could bewitch? Silly and provincial. But could carry away …, - she tried to forget that she told to it yesterday.
But its lie and constant absence anyone could be enraged and cast recently into a condition of a depression.

And maybe, she exaggerates everything, not everything is so terrible? No, it is not necessary to deceive himself.
How to dismiss these thoughts? It is a pity that it is impossible to escape from himself.

She wanted to believe that is not still lost, and there is an opportunity to keep a family, at least for the sake of children. Really now only gap, and then loneliness. All the time to hide the tears from public eyes? Where to find forces to endure it?

Unless she thought that its matrimony so will end? Was to it a good, faithful wife. Loved it. Life with it brought it happiness. And children pleased her.

Perhaps, she is guilty of everything. These ridiculous family quarrels, annoying failures, showdowns led to such serious consequences?

Depressed by the misfortune which unexpectedly fell down it, she bitterly cried.
Jealousy, offense, disappointment lodged in her heart.
the Wife envied beauty and youth of the competitor, considering as her happy woman.


The slender, beautiful girl was by the window and in impatience tapped with a marigold on a window sill.
It did not come again. What prevented this time?
Yesterday it threw to it in a pocket a love note. Perhaps, family scandal detained him?
This quarrelsome woman, his aging wife, does not want to leave it in any way. Already knows everything, guesses that it has someone, but still cannot release it.

She reflected: “How to push aside this annoying obstacle in a way fortunately? How to carry out conceived“.

For the sake of achievement of the purpose it was ready for everything.
Such chance drops out once in life, and she will not forgive herself if she misses it.
He is a successful, wealthy man, marriage with it will be prestigious.
Once she won a love victory over it. It helped it with career. But now it was insufficiently and arranged a little. She wanted bigger.

But it is necessary to work extremely deliberately. Otherwise defeat will become inevitable. It will lose. And then farewell dreams to become the married woman.

Sometimes she wanted to be impudent, unpredictable, but it was necessary to constrain constantly itself, pleasing it.

She was afraid of own imprudence to quarrel with the person who cared for its material welfare. Tried to keep the thoughts around, it is frequent against the desires and beliefs. Suffered his bad mood and an inattention.

She was tormented by envy and jealousy of the wife with which the desired man had children, he loved them and financially provided. Spent days off and holidays always in a family.

In it told the offended vanity. It did not accept position of the mistress. She sought to acquire the status of the lawful spouse.

Unless it is possible to call the mistress the happy woman?

And maybe, only the man was happy? It has two women: wife and mistress. Both loved, and everyone wanted to be with it, with impatience expecting it the decision.

But whether it is easy to make such choice? to Leave to
the woman with whom the best years are lived and a lot of things connected.
Or to leave that which stirred blood and gave pleasure of forbidden love. And therefore it was necessary to hide and hide from all the feelings.

So who is happy in this love triangle?
As you think?