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Whether it is necessary to teach literature at school?

U me younger - on a filfaka. Here also asked it this question as control. Like a shot in the head before to push out the student in it is free - teacher`s life.

It, naturally, having bitten a tip of language, removed diligently that “... and as!“. Like, literature is it is rastaky... Lira wakes up good feelings. And in general, how without it you learn that all - passing?! And only different universal values, such as literature, music … Well, Internet by itself! This - is eternal!

Well, you understand - what only and what only nonsenses for the sake of offset you will not write! But question generally interesting. And somehow it hooked on me. And yes the truth - whether it is necessary? I sat down and thought, not strongly burdened with a test component.

And here that from this left.

Literature at modern school is as my granny once spoke, Marne expenditure of the budgetary pennies. If to translate with it is southern - Russian on its northern option - is absolutely useless the state money which is thrown out on wind.

Why it is necessary to push some shred of culture into a concrete “homo rossiyus“? That in a year after leaving school this culture was completely leveled by modern television which recedes from an ancient Roman postulate “bread and shows“ only what edible does not offer including sufficient its replacement with blood of various detective series and information programs like “Emergency“ or “Control room“?

And why to the modern citizen of the Russian Federation culture in the person of literature? Correctly, there is no need! Cultural, they that … Think! And not only when come to the polling precinct. And what for? Why to think? When and it is so clear for whom it is necessary to vote. Who tells clever and correct things. And who tells lies as a gray gelding, to please to the American democrats and their European sycophants.

So teaching literature at school not only is unnecessary, but also is harmful.

To harmfully specific pupil. There is nothing to stuff the head with useless and unclaimed things in everyday life. And that still will take and will begin to think! In an occasion and without. And it is already harmful not only to the most this blockhead, but also society per se. And sometimes, as the Russian history shows, and it is dangerous. Will begin to think and will invent “bonba“. Which in the President - the father. Fie - fie! Many summer to it, his family, relatives and all ministers. Including to the Minister of Education. And that doprepodatsya literatures to the own harm.

Better we that money that on literature, we will spend for what another. More useful to society in general and to its separate compound Small screws and Shpuntikam, in particular. For example, on restoration of a constitutional order in some Abkhazia. Or Mordovia. And a churchlet what we will construct that. Opium for the people where polzitelny, than this literature … To trust is absolutely not that to think. To think - that why if it is necessary to trust?

So the Scripture at school is far more important and more necessary than some there literature. Especially when it subverts something there. And she loves it. Though teach these writers of life in the Kolyma or Vorkuta resorts. And all of them one. Come and step on the same rake.

Here in the 17th century, it is remembered, - what the Russian literature of Trediakovsky, Derzhavina, Lomonosov began with? From odes in glory. And now? Where those odes?! For example, the Ode on visit the Prime minister - the minister of Kolyma. Or President of Kuriles. Why not to write tastefully as he not less enthusiastically spat from an abrupt island berezhk in South side. And not because there some countries. With strange and unclear to all of us positions. Just wind blew there. But not yet. Neither Kamchatka, nor Kuril, nor what other ode.

So and there is nothing to teach so far. There is nothing, there is nothing to teach this literature!

Issued diplomas in our University this June. To young specialists. On dochiny specialty fifteen people those became and directly from the dean were hit the treasured document of the sample established by the state in hands. I … Any! Any of them at school to work did not get a job. There are no places.

It is the answer to that question too that to the daughter was set. Only from other foreshortening. To whom it, this writer, is necessary? And its literature with it together …