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The cook - a stake. To drink or... in economy to apply? History of the cook - Coca - one of the most popular and favourite drinks with gas - contains

more than 120 years. In far 1885 the American doctor John Pemberton invented this a miracle - structure.

In the beginning the cook - Coca was sold only in drugstores, and it looked as syrup. A bit later syrup began to be mixed with sparkling water. In a glass bottle of the cook - Coca was poured in 1894, and the aluminum container began to be used in 1969.

So far the original structure of drink remains a riddle. There are assumptions, theories, but an exact compounding, except the producer, nobody knows.

However riddles for this purpose also exist to try to solve them. According to experts, the initial structure of the cook - Coca included a Coca nut which is rich with caffeine, and a bush cooks which contains cocaine. As soon as artful properties of cocaine became known to science, fast cleaned it from prescription structure, and here in the name was held it in remembrance.

Into structure modern the cook - stakes are included (according to the same assumptions of experts) the distilled water, sugar, vanillin, lemon essence, carnation oil. And there are a lot more different chemical compounds which nature is not always safe for a human body.

For example to take carbon dioxide is a strong preservative. Or orthophosphoric acid - in large numbers it destroys tooth enamel and washes away calcium from bones. And about a synthetic element aspartame in general separate conversation. Phenylalanine is its part. It, in turn, exhausts serotonin reserves in an organism, known under the name of “happiness hormone“.

Externally it is shown in especially bad mood, irritability, rage, panic. There is a feeling of thirst which, at first sight, so well satisfies the cook - Coca. Also the vicious circle turns out. Aspartame is forbidden by the European Union for use in products for children, he is not recommended and to teenagers. And the main part of the population which uses the cook - Coca at us, it who? Correctly, children and teenagers.

The excessive use of this invigorating and attracting drink leads also to problems with health, exacerbations of diseases which hitherto peacefully dremaliv our organism. Sweet carbonated drink provokes developing of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, can provoke diarrhea, pancreatitis, diseases of a pancreas, zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

The love to the cook - Coca is capable to lead to decrease in level of potassium in an organism. The pessimistic forecast at the low level of potassium - possible paralysis. Really - it is weakness of muscular tissue, appetite loss, the general weakness. As for calorie content, here the cook - Coca advances even beer. To silly keep to strict diets, to starve itself if to fill in an empty stomach with a glass bubbling, sparkling, cool the cook - Coca.

Pregnant women, children and teenagers should not take this drink.

On a rhetorical question - whether it is worth drinking the cook - to stake - the logical answer arises.

However, it appears, it is possible to use harmful properties of the cook - Coca - its ability to corrode, split various substances and on advantage. Such peculiar alternative application. The born optimist looks for a positive in everything.

Boiling of the cook in it - stakes will help to clear the burned pan bottom to the careless hostess. The pan will shine as the newcomer, and nobody will doubt your master`s talents. The same concerns a scum in a teapot - but here it will be rather simple in to leave mute drink for days.

Unsuccessful, too dark hair color after coloring turned out, paint brought? Will help to be clarified on couple of tones the cook - kolny procedures of washing of the head. And still say that hair after washing of their cook - Coca are not worse at all, than after use of expensive hair conditioner of the checked brand.

Will help to clear old coins to gloss and a jewelry to initial shine of the cook too - Coca - wipe or wet them in it. Only if the jewelry - does not experiment with stones better. Suddenly the cook`s solution - stakes will corrode stones?

Still it is possible to use a miracle - drink for cleaning of bathroom equipment, removal of a rust on bolts, for removal of spots.

You will tell why something to invent if there are special cleaners, powders, conditioners? I answer - it is options of alternative use if in your refrigerator the cook`s small bottle - stakes is cooled. (You did not resist colourful advertizing and gave in to arrangements of an internal voice to buy a small bottle of it a miracle - drink).

And so, alternative on that and alternative to preserve the health and at the same time to make ten useful things. So you should not wish bon appetit, probably, it is better to wish successful experiments.