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Mormonism - religion or a way of life?

Are probable, someone from you had to meet on streets of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian cities of young people from the USA in black strict suits and white shirts, with a badge on a jacket lapel where the surname of the owner is specified.

Usually they very politely offer passersby literature of religious contents. If someone stopped, then they begin conversation which purpose - to invite the person to church meeting. They ask on his family and children. Young people can suggest your children to attend sunday school and free of charge to learn English, for example. If you showed interest in sports activities, they are ready to invite you free of charge to visit fitness - club. These kind and sympathizing young people promising the help and support in exchange for your interest in their religion, Mormons are missionaries .

Mormons - missionaries

At Mormons exists tradition: each young man at the age of 19 - 25 years has to work within two years as the missionary. Girls aged till 21 year can also take part in missionary work, but on a voluntary basis. For them this term is shorter and is equal to one and a half years.

The missionary can be sent to any country of the world therefore the Mormon youth actively learns foreign languages. As a rule, future missionary knows several languages and actually is a polyglot. The religion forbids Mormons alcohol intake, tobacco, drugs. They also do not drink tea and coffee. All Mormons have to conduct a righteous life, play sports and to look excellent because they - the live business card of religion which is submitted abroad.

Missionaries part over the different countries with the official version: humanitarian assistance or training in English of local population.

When and how there was a Mormonism?


Mormonism - this term is used for designation of the religious culture which arose in the first half of the 19th century under the name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CJCLDS) .

Joseph Smith was a founder of this religious trend . He was born in the State of Vermont (USA) in 1805. At the age of 15 years Joseph saw wonderful vision: God the Father and God the Son were to it during a prayer and specified that it is an electee to revive the real Christianity.

Three years later when Smith was 18 years old, he beheld the second vision. To it the angel by the name of Morony was. He reported where gold sheets with the changed Egyptian hieroglyphs are hidden. In them history of ancient America is stated. Morony also specified to Joseph that its real destination on Earth consists in restoration of True Jesus Church of Christ.

Joseph Smith executed precepts of an angel. In 1830. the book of Mormon was published by . According to Smith, it is the translation of the ancient books of indigenous people of America which are written down by the prophet Mormon and his son Morony. 1830 is considered date of foundation of church of Mormons.

The new religious movement very quickly extended in the USA as Mormons were active to involve representatives of other faiths in the ranks.

Nevertheless many people were hostile to new preachers. For this reason Mormons were often forced to change the residence. During resettlements they founded several new cities where, in their opinion, Jesus Christ had to appear.

After the publication “Books of Mormon“ Joseph Smith had many “new revelations“. In particular, on one of its revelations, Mormons had to have many wives. The preacher the first followed this precept from above and got numerous wives. On other revelation, each Mormon had to donate tithe for needs of church.

Many inhabitants were dissatisfied with Mormons. As a result of an antagonism of the authorities and the preacher J. Smith the last was arrested, imprisoned in 1844 and there was killed.

the Outcome to Utah

Mormons were divided by

After Joseph Smith`s death into several groups. The prophet the biggest became to Brigs Young , Smith`s colleague. Escaping from persecutions, the new prophet with the adherents moved at first to Illinois, then in Missouri. In these states Mormons founded several cities.

But these settlements did not satisfy Young. He decided to move Mormons on the Promised Novaya Land. It settled down in the State of Utah.

The prophet Joseph Smith pointed to existence of this earth, and to Brigs Young sacredly carried out the teacher`s precepts. It is possible to find many analogies to the bible Holy Land in Utah: desert droughty lands; The Salty Lake is analog of the Dead Sea; the river follows from the fresh-water lake Utah and flows into the Salty Lake like the Jordan River. By the way, Mormons named later this river Jordan too. As well as in Israel, in Utah the fields of copper were found later.

Great resettlement began spring of 1847. To brigs Young went at the head of the first group of immigrants. There were 140 men, 3 women and two children. In vans horses and oxen were harnessed, people conducted with themselves cows, behind vehicles dogs ran. The special care was demanded by hens.

The vanguard group of immigrants arrived to the place at the end of June, 1847, and in December already about 2 thousand people arrived to the new residence. Mormons were settled in the huge territory of the Promised Novaya Land.

Members of TsIHSPD built houses, farms, schools and, of course, churches. They diligent worked, processing and irrigating lands. On the place of a pioneer settlement the city of Solt - Leyk - City was built. Were also put by Mormons the city of Provo and Tuele.

Joseph Smith was the correspondence author of future capital the Mormon. To brigs Young embodied dream of the boss in accuracy. The city was put and built up according to the plan of the founder of TsIHSPD.

Young, as well as all his brothers in faith, had many wives and about fifty children were a father. As it was already mentioned, polygamy was postulated and entered by Smith. He explained it with the fact that antiquated tsars and patriarchs practiced polygamy. And for Joseph Smith it was the example for imitation.

Unfortunately, this custom became a stumbling block between the Mormons and their neighbors professing other belief and also were a big problem of relationship with the federal authorities. As soon as to Brigs Young felt that in this question it is better to crawfish, it cancelled polygamy, but officially TsIHSPD refused polygamy in 1890

Young was very successful receiver of J. Smith, it remained on a post of the head of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints up to the death in 1877.

History of religion and life of Mormons abounds with unexpected turns and unusual events. But it will be a question of it in the following article.