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How to understand that hunting for you began? To men about women of

Hunting begins during the period “meow“. Passionate desire, requirements of an organism, so to speak, demand the. Inevitably, annoyingly. And it should turn into the bitch, the femme fatale, a zmeyuka. Do not worry, all this is temporary. Then, when the organism will receive the, passions will cool down, and it will calm down … till next spring (or “meow“).

Generally, a female of the person - a being quite peace, silent, appeasable. But it is the satisfied female. And here the eager woman at first the predator, and then the wicked creature or a tender kitty - depending on results of hunting.

By the way, the unsatisfied woman does not designate uncomfortable physically at all. At it for this period of time other requirements can be perfect. For example, the hunter passionately wants the new car.

The man, in turn, can not know that on him catching is already open. He in blissful ignorance enjoys an environment of great ladies while behind his back great ladies already scratched each other not one eye and tore out not one hair.

Dear person, one of the best representatives of strong part of mankind, clever, successful, strong-willed can thaw from frank nonsense which is talked by his companion … it … languid … deep … by slow, erotically sensual voice, gently stroking finger-tips a glass of wine. As if the Bandar-log, he vanishes in a mouth of a boa. Also represents that in her hands already and not a glass of wine at all … Ah and, what am I telling? Actually, there is nothing bad if both derive pleasure.

And how to men to understand that this representative of weak part of mankind not just like that here came to drink to tea, and already pricked up the ears, a nose and is eager for the victim? It is very simple! Watch the events impartially. And you will notice a lot of interesting...

1. the Skilled hunter does not come for the catching in gym shoes, the stretched t-shirt, not made up and in other style “it is so convenient to me“. Graceful panther always high-heeled. It has eyes - the bottomless sea. Lips - sensuality. Its figure it is visible and there is a wish to feel - all rotundities are marked out with special underlining in clothes. Thus, well-groomed appearance - one of sure signs of the begun persecution of an animal, but not only and sufficient.

2. Look . You remember how the hero of the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“ defined that the interlocutor is free? He told: “You have an estimating look“. On a five-point scale everything (so more habitually) is measured. Parameters of some parts of a body, degree of purity of boots, purse thickness, probability of success of the made efforts (yes, the skilled panther does not spend the time for unpromising one-woman men in love), well and other criteria, individual for each female. And the assessment is made before you noticed it. But if the lovely kitty still turns nearby, be sure, you seemed her very enviable candidate.

3. General look . The look from estimating passes in attracting, enticing. At the same time in eyes it is possible to catch the excited gloss. Sponges are slightly slightly opened - well it is classics. A faint smile of pleasure - it is obligatory. Languid breath, pink cheeks - fine addition.

4. Movements . Smooth, gentle, associative. She only strokes the leg, and the victim already represents something another. Oh, incidentally the droplet of martini got to the area of a decollete. The hunter will surely concern this area so that production will not be able to take away eyes.

5. Magic soft voice . Gentle, enveloping, and sometimes languid, deep, exciting. But not all women are able to use this remarkable tool. Whether significance is not attached, whether hesitated. And by the way, the victims always smoothly react to this enticing moment. Only by means of a voice it is possible to turn as fast as possible and effectively the imperious man into the Bandar-log. Temporarily, of course. But during this time it is possible to manage to make a lot of things!

6. Habitat . Always, where there is a production. It also is clear. What to do to the beautiful seductress where there is nobody to seduce. By the way, such persons very avoid society of other female individuals. During rutting they in general hate each other. Competition. And if, God forbid, the competitor also in a dress same, then both risk to receive the real psychological shock.

Of course, in life all not absolutely so. And sometimes even absolutely not so. But other man, in turn, knows when the season of hunting is open. You guess why? Because he on hunting. It is a predator, but not the victim. Also observes, observes … and then, am! Also ate! Here and all hunting ended!