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The lonely faun got lost in the wood of

At me schizophrenia? Neeet, I was checked... could not suddenly here and so?. or it is paranoia? Yes - yes, obsessional neurosis! Persuasive desire to get to the bottom of an essence of all and to be afraid that it will not turn out. Though usually it is also impossible - stirs something. And if I never - never get to the bottom, what with me will be?

Here I draw this being and I do not understand yet where carries me, and in general - whether I will be in time and whether I will be able? And how here not to begin process of digging in own head? From where, for example, this pink background undertook? It gives a glamurshchina (what muck!) . Then I will make it pale-yellow. Oh, pale-yellow - it is noble! It is refined and somewhere is even intellectual. However, can tell that to the wood it is not similar at all. But I so to a viiizh!

For some reason on this background the being began to remind an elephant, and there had to be a faun. Unless so there is not enough difference between a faun and an elephant that one easily turns into another? Well, of course, as I did not guess at once: they are both hoofed animals! Then let will be with a trunk. Horns, canines, tail, hoofs... Wool! How to be with wool? Hairy legs - it is not esthetic. It is better when all body is covered with a beautiful hair. Thought up: it at me awakes pufyyyystik! mi - mi - mi! And we will copy eyes with Miyazaki, with some... though is not present - the anime at us is forbidden.

Oh, what eyes, what EYES! I surpassed itself! These eyes are worthy brushes of the Pre-Raphaelite (and what can be finer than this direction in art?) . But this body covered with hair... it is available - a contradiction, that is in eyes... And who told that the faun has to be a man? Especially it is also not similar at me to the man, men do not turn out at me. So to fine eyes I draw a bust and I shave everything, except legs and the head. Now a trunk not in a subject. Nevertheless it to the best - I will draw a very beautiful face, very much - very much. Kavaynoye, as at the dreena - the Greek nymph. I will cover a bust with a hand, and that will be told: Children look . Yes children and not watch at it when mothers do not see! But - I will cover.

Lovely, lovely favnitsa, favnichka, favnikha, favnukha... as I love you! Nya! As you are similar to me! Taaak, chains, ear rings, piercing everywhere... a gold hoof, on a hoof a pedikyurchik. Bushes around - it is more than leaves and florets! Ptichkov... The mood is necessary, romanticism and as with the imagination at me it is good &ndash is necessary; it is just torn outside!

It is ready! I finished! It is happy. Also understood everything - I am able to draw, and I am normal! The first place is provided to me! Taaak, I look for where to post a masterpiece. Here it - duel The Lonely faun got lost in the wood ... vsssyo...

Managed me to fit in... Went to Wikipedia. What is vafn? No, faun! Wrote a lot - that how many... But in general it is clear - to the dreena - the Roman muscleman with hairy legs.

Went to look that others draw on this subject. Saw enough chock-full, was even tired, but was defined. Now I will look for refa. Found a quite good photo - the man is normal, strong, the pose sedentary, as was required. Let`s seat on a stub. Now we will carry out some actions that did not accuse of drawing. Taaak... vooot... harashooo... Now we look for a background. Quite good background! Taaak... vooot... harashooo...

Now it is possible and to draw! Well goes, easily, with enthusiasm. But he reminds someone to me? So same the poured-out Voldemar! It is necessary to do something, and that will take offense if it sees. Will tell, specially drew with his goat. Besides with long horns. Then nose - it is more, more long... Something to a trunk it became similar. Well and it is fine, but to Volik it is not similar. Wool needs to add that the man looked the present!

It would be advisable to arm it. Samostrel. Or it is better the blaster? Lanno, we look for fancy self-arrows... taaak... vooot... harashooo... And what he on a penyochka sits with samostrely? It is logical that after a good shot! It is necessary to fill up with a number of a deer... Shorts, any lying deer... Found! Taaak... vooot... harashooo...
Turned out. Let`s guide luster: chains, earring, piercing, tattoos... Yes, blood, blood it is more... deer, not a hare.

All. I - genius! I will go far. Work is ready for HELL. Only at first it is necessary to post in duel. Here and it - The lonely faun got lost in the wood ...

I do not know what to draw... I will draw at first the wood - trees, bushes, a grass foolish (I hate it, but will not remain for later ) tsvetuyochka, birdies. The sun through foliage let shines... - Or moon? - But then from birdies there will be one owls. Or eagle owls. Is not present and there will be a sun! - And a rain you do not want? - I do not want. - And what you in general want? - And anything! In vain registered - there are no ideas and will not be. Also keep silent.

- And you keep silent. Let`s Helavis listen? - No, I want cinema with Jason Statham. - What for? - Because the faun has to be similar to him - it has an appearance of the real man, especially when it with a three-day bristle. And a look such, penetrating to livers. - And what will be done by Jason? - On a pipe to play. - On a pipe, likely? - Yes though on lira. - In jeans? - It is possible also in jeans, but hoofs - are obligatory.

- The nymph is necessary to It, without nymph there will be not that, and she for a syuzhetnost can sing along. - The Nymph will be naked? And hoofs are necessary to it too? - Well, it as will want - not it is main. Main at us - Jason.

- And nothing of that kind it turned out! Muzhchino... dream of the hot woman. - Something it is too similar to Statham. Will tell what is copied. - Give it a nose we will extend and we will increase a hair, and that painfully bald. - Now it is good, only the nose suspiciously resembles a trunk. - Let such, there has to be some highlight in the hero. - All the same boringly somehow. Let`s the nymph kill, and then it over her will play on a pipe, to mourn it.

- Oh, you - genius! The lying woman looks better. And in general - touchingly. Perhaps too we will put on jeans it that looked more decently? - Give. And we will represent a krovishcha? - No, it has a sunstroke. Or so died, from age... - In general it is pleasant to me. But you mixed legs, right from left again. - Now we will cut out, we will rearrange, del - that... Thank you that noticed.

- Now dovodochka: chains are everyones, close piercing, a tattoo, herbs over it that it was more disturbing, nearby would not prevent to add a bird... - Indian runner? It too touching. - You absolutely went balmy? Give a humming-bird for grace.

- Enough! Bothered. Let`s give up. We are all the same shone by neither the first, nor the second, nor the third place. But I am happy. And you? - I still would work though, of course, work - do not work, and in HELL to us not to happen. - Not to happen, here and opank! But we for a long time in paradise. Where here this place? - Here: duel The Lonely faun got lost in the wood ... - Let`s note? On coffee and a sigarette? Also let`s again Statham look. - I Want Rutger Hauer! - Shut up and savor feeling of the fulfilled duty.