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Why we are afraid of mistakes? And what stands behind it?

Ya - nonideal!
Ya I am afraid to be imperfect. I am afraid to make something not so. I am afraid of consequences of the actions.
Ya I am afraid to make a mistake.
Ya is sure that I not one such in this world. Though from it it becomes easier than

What it in this word - a mistake? What terrible is in making something and then to understand that it not that. Than mistakes are terrible?
Why so? Because anyway we change the life. And suddenly what will be after this step is taken will not be pleasant to us.
will become suddenly even worse and nothing can already be returned? Mistake!
But if the step is not taken, in general will occur nothing. And never you learn what could be. It is impossible to foresee with a 100% accuracy that will be later. Only having taken a step, you will see correctly or not you arrived. having suddenly made
A you will turn the life and everything will fall into place? But you do not learn it without having stepped there.

The sir or was gone.

Terribly. Terribly what else is not present that. Also it will not be possible, but already now it is terrible)
Fear of the future. And we equally are afraid both of failure in the future and good luck. Just because the future is an uncertainty. And it always frightens. Even if there it can be so good as never was yet, all the same terribly. And well it to the wood goblin.

And nobody will give any guarantees. They are absent just. Life constantly moves and changes this is guaranteed.
to make mistakes it is necessary to be courageous. The courageous person is not afraid to be mistaken. He knows that it is experience.
It is possible to sit of course quietly so in the bog and not to move. And so will descend.
It is possible to lie and not to move. Anything. And then there will be no pain. There will be no mistakes. You will not feel like the loser. Your ego will not be touched. It is already possible to the death.
A life. Where that there at others. And it is not necessary for you. To you is so quieter. Illusion...

And if you want to live, then it is necessary to move, work, speak... by
Therefore if you want to make something - do! You want to tell someone something - tell!
you can Perhaps not be understood, rejected. Let. You tried and went further! Made and closed!
A can be so you told and it became easier. You told and saw that what did not see earlier. It became suddenly more clear and clearer. And at this moment you understand that if did not make, would never learn it. Being afraid to tell
about the feelings you can lose the moment in the relations which will not return.
Being afraid to quit the unloved and bothered job, you risk to stay, not to feel that pleasure which you derive doing favorite thing.

Being afraid to start talking to the pleasant girl, you can not learn what pleasure you can feel from communication with it. How many the pleasant moments can be in your life! But without having taken a step, you do not learn it!

Of course the girl can refuse, there can be a business which it seemed to darlings in the beginning then will cease to please, let. But if to undertake nothing, then nothing will be. And then life somewhere sideways, somewhere by.
I let you will be mistaken once, another. Let. It means you dvizhtsya, you - live.
Be mistaken, do, live!!!