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Moscow - Tyumen: from cars on platforms. Went we will look?

Went. Got on the train at the Kazan station, and through four, four and a half hours Vekovk - small station where change the locomotive (on a slang of conductors a mare). What Vekovka, so strikes it with a sound of “crystal“ (near station there is a Goose - Crystal). The sea of people with chandeliers, glasses, sets of ware and toys offers, asks, imposes. Passengers buy, without knowing that nearby - on the left and right side from the station and behind it - there are little shops in which platform sellers took this production under realization in two (happens also in three) time is cheaper. Well where you will run from the car? And souvenirs are so good are already necessary - you take. However the parking of the train in Vekovke - 23 minutes (at least) therefore the knowing people buy gifts in shops. It is bad that there is no transitional bridge.

Murom. Stop small (2 - 3 minutes) - you do not run anywhere. The beautiful, recently restored station, nearby a small chapel. Yes, Ilya Muromets had to be born somewhere here.

Passed Oka and at once the city of Navashino. Closed, confidential, subboat, low-parking, vysokoperonny. Afterwards Arzamas - almost the same, only here still nuclear scientists live.

An hour through four we in Sergache. The impudent grannies offering provisions for exorbitant prices. There is a special dish &ndash there; the home-made sausage made not clear of what local nyzvat its KZ (there were poisonings). The station small, white, in own way original, with columns.

Hi, Chuvashia! Kanash. The station is restored about eight years ago. It is restored competently - small, but very beautiful. However hardly you will see it: trains from Moscow generally accept on 8,9 and 10 ways. Parking usually - 10 minutes. On the platform there is a stall, carry milk, potato, apples, cherry in the summer …

we Pass Sviyazhsk. Width of Volga, perhaps, only near Saratov and Ulyanovsk it impresses more. Afterwards Kazan - the city - the handsome, with delightful old and new stations, with shops - cheetahs, the ancient Kremlin and one of the biggest and most beautiful mosques in Europe.

Agryz. It is some kind of appendicitis of Tatarstan: The Agryzky area painfully strongly presses in the territory of Udmurtia. The station, as well as in Kanashe, is recently restored and too very beautiful: it is trimmed by marble, on a roof five green spikes - modern and on - Muslim traditional.

The country of Russia is big! Sarapul. The train is worth little, the station from the seventieth, nothing is carried. There are features: the city is on the bank of the beautiful Kama River and is the homeland known ethno - the singer Zulfia Kamalova.

Gradually we drive up to the Urals. Small settlements, long tunnels and high bridges went. Passed Yanaul, Chad, Pike Lake, Chernushka, the Bad weather. Arrived to Krasnoufimsk - fortified city. If not to regret time and to come for the station, then on the right it is possible to see a detailed family tree of the city - it is interesting to esteem. However drivers already whistle, conductors demand to come into cars.

The following stop, and quite big (23 minutes, change a mare) - Druzhinino. We will not see the station because trains from the West in the direction of travel accept on the right side, and it at the left. But we will be able to buy the Ural souvenir - malachite casket. Generally, local handymen do them of a different stone, and do, it is necessary to tell, greatly. Somewhere for 700 - 800 rubles it is possible to buy such bagatelle which in Moscow will cost not less than 3 - 4 thousand. Only it is necessary to look more attentively at quality and to bargain: Ural residents - the people are cunning. Sell on the platform and food all, however and the prices ache! Nearby - closer to the train &ndash head; there is a little shop, in it it is possible to buy products, often there is no bread.

Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk, in common people - Katka, Ekat). Long underground passages dug big excavators and, at last, dug out. Now everything is beautiful, convenient, on - modern. The station was painted in light-recently - mustard color, replaced a sign (the name of the city), generally, smartly! Near there is a railway museum which interesting sculptures in human growth face.

A whistle, went. Bogdanovich - the city which received in 1947 a name the general - the lieutenant of the Russian Empire, the writer Bogdanovich E. V. that in itself for those years surprisingly. Prostukali Kamyshlov in whom still there is an inscription - “boiled water“ (a symbol obviously not from the 21st century). Somewhere for one and a half - two hours to Tyumen will be Talits`s station. It is the homeland of the famous intelligence agent, Hero of the Soviet Union, person who much brought closer the Victory Day, Nikolay Kuznetsov. The monument - a bust is on the station square, often near it flowers lie.

The Russian open spaces are big, but castors at the train turn quickly. Here we already in and Tyumen, the oil and gas capital of Russia. At last, was honored to put the Russian Railway in order of a collar (station) of the city, to make them convenient and informidable, and at the same time to repair an underground passage.

Farther Siberia - beautiful and interesting country with sympathetic people.
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