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Whether science philosophy? There are no

though there are candidates and Doctors of Philosophy. It is outlook . In it it is similar to religion . The different people had even very many gods of wisdom.

Velez , at Slavs is god of wisdom, the primogenitor Bojana which was able to hear voices of birds and animals, and then to shift them onto language human.

Ganesh , in brahmanism and Hinduism slonovogolovy god of wisdom and wellbeing. One of the most known and gods of a Hindu pantheon esteemed around the world.

To Nab , god of wisdom in Babylon. He invented writing, and every year when destinies of people were defined, to Nab wrote down the decision of gods on sacred plates.

Hermes ( Mercury , at Romans), god of wisdom at Greeks. Invented measures, numbers, the alphabet and trained people.

One , in the Norwegian and German mythology the one-eyed patriarch of gods and god of wisdom. It had to offer one eye, but he managed to create the magic runic alphabet.

That , in Egypt god of wisdom, science, magic and moon. Was considered as the author of fundamentals of astronomy, medicine, religious texts.

But we will return from heaven to Earth. I will remind four signs of science . The first - existence of cognizable object . The second - the validity of judgments about it checked by experience. The third - generality (universality) and obligation of the determined consistent patterns. The fourth - systemacity , sequence of the concepts following the friend from the friend. Only simultaneous realization of these signs also defines scientific character of the known result of knowledge.

Philosophy [Greek phileo, I love + sophia, wisdom] - according to Dahl`s dictionary - lyubomudry, that is to think of love. It is clear, that it is impossible to teach it. The person either likes to think, or is not present. And it is absolutely immoral to pay money for love - it. Does not answer the third sign. Philosophical systems as much, how many philosophers. Criterion of scientific truth - experiment. On the bitter experience the USSR showed that the country having the advanced natural science and equipment broke up in many respects thanks to the fact that the Soviet philosophers attributed to dialectic materialism property not peculiar to it - universality . In the Soviet Union the philosophy got to Academy of Sciences and to the list of the Highest certifying commission for ideological motives in 1930 - x. Also rushed! As in the known chastushka: Oh, walks in the field of the dialectician. How many a shower of the innocent ruined?! Fall in love, so far did not kill Marusenk, the electrician with his current . Directly on Ekklesiasta 1, 18: in many wisdom there is a lot of grief; and who multiplies knowledge, multiplies grief .

At the western universities the academic degree of the doctor of philosophy (PhD) is general scientific and further in brackets the explanation follows (on physics, chemistry, biology). Therefore the author regrets that often the course “Concepts of Modern Natural Sciences“ for humanitarian specialties is charged to be given to philosophers. It is better for priests. The essence one - outlook, and natural-science training of theologians is better. At S. Lem we read: “... each philosopher necessarily declared himself the most absolute sample of the human race... The aspiration to understand “everything“ to which at the same time refer has unless psychological value. Therefore the philosophy speaks about human hopes, fears, inclinations more, than about secrets of the universe, absolutely indifferent to us“. However, modern philosophers recognize that “Any philosophy is outlook , i.e. set of the most general views on the world and the place of the person in it“.