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How to tell modern children about war?

modern children have a concept of the word “war“ indistinct. On the one hand, Thank God. Thank God that our children live in a peace time, over their heads a clear sky, on streets do not shoot and mines and bombs do not blow up. This great happiness to live in a peace time on the peace earth. But to estimate this advantage not obkhodimo to know also about the medal back - war. Not to that war where computer heroes perish and the computer cities blow up. Not to that war, where war - only an invention of the creator of game. And about that war which passed across our earth, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, it was knocked at each doors and put on black scarfs mothers and wives.

The people which do not honor and do not remember the history - have no future. Therefore before us as parents are faced by an important task to inform of military history our children, to tell about events which happened on our lands, to seed children`s souls love to the world and harmony. Eve of celebration of the Victory Day, on May 9, excellent occasion for this purpose.

It is necessary to tell the child about military events and war unambiguously, the silence you do not preserve children`s mentality at all, and suppress concepts that it is good and that it is bad. Just in the story it is necessary to consider and age of the child - depending on age there has to be information loading.

Children well perceive information given on concrete examples and stories. Therefore you should not pour abundance of abstract words, and to give an example from life of pioneers - heroes (for a start modern children should explain who such pioneers). If there are grandmothers and grandfathers seeing war with own eyes it is possible to combine business with pleasure - to visit them and to listen to their memories of military days. Thus, you not only will broaden horizons of the child, but also will give the chance to it to be proud and respect the grandmothers and grandfathers.

In the story about what is war for the child it is necessary to inform of the fact that it not only military equipment, tanks, bombardments. War, first of all, people, soldiers, their death for the sake of the world on the earth, self-sacrifice and call of duty are behind the word. And still each soldier had a family, the family who waited for him and worried about his life.

It is possible to see together with the child of the photo of military years, reproductions of the known pictures on military subject. To watch movies about war. It is worth sparing children`s mentality and to avoid scenes with bloodsheds. It can make indelible impression on children`s mentality to put a trauma.

If in your city there is a museum where there is a hall devoted to military subject you together with the child can visit him. To plunge into history of those times, to look at things which endured military operations, to listen to interesting lecture of the guide.

Well and of course surely visit the solemn parade devoted on May 9 and to the Victory Day together with the child. Visit memorials and monuments to the fallen soldiers in your city, lay flowers together with the child on their graves. Do not forget to congratulate grandmothers and grandfathers festive cards which the child can make samodelno or with your help. And evening salute in honor of winners will conclude your story about war and a wartime.

Children`s memoirs will remain with your child on all his life. They will help to make to it a choice at a difficult moment when it fluctuates whose to it to side. Your stories about war will save your child from hobbies for unnatural currents and ideological directions, so-called skinheads and neo-Nazis.

There will pass years. Your matured child to put on knees of the children and will tell them about war. History will continue to live in our children.