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Life and creativity of the great Person V. S. Vysotsky

(25/I/1938 - 25/VII/1980)

Life are a wound which is treated.
are expensive to me sufferings because from them pleasures are born
V. Vysotsky

In my opinion at each of us in life happen difficult moments when there is a wish not to think of the problems and to plunge into other world, restless and concerning - the world of poetry. And sitting at a cup of tea, reading verses of the favourite poet, you begin
“ to feel and think differently“. And if you sit with the book longer, then there is a feeling that you became the accomplice of some unknown secret, and more and more deeply you try to understand sense of “those invaluable lines“, from the poem of the favourite poet. Also there is a wish to learn and open for itself new lines of its character, to get closer in its images to the poet.
For me such poet was always Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky.
Creativity and Vladimir Vysotsky`s life are of interest to all generations. More than 600 songs and verses are written to them, more than 20 roles on a scene of theaters, 30 roles are played in movies and television movies, 8 - in radio performances. All are occupied by one question: “Who is he is an actor, the poet or the composer?“. He, in one of interview, answered this question so: “I consider myself by that who I am is. I think, the combination of those genres and elements of art which I am engaged and try to make of them synthesis, - can, it even some art form. Perhaps, all this will be called some in a word in the future, and then I will tell you: “I consider myself as this - that“. There is no such word yet. If to simplify a question, then most of all I work with a verse, certainly. And on time, and more often I feel this piece which is called inspiration which will sit down to you on a shoulder, will whisper at night, somewhere by six in the morning when izgryz nails it seems that nothing will leave, and here it came +“.
When you ponder upon these invaluable verses written by Vladimir Semenovich really you admire his creativity. For example it is possible to take its poem “The Ballad about Love“. Sorting each line of a verse you understand that the love is such great miracle which it is possible to live and breathe at the same time:
+ I breathe - and, so I love
Ya I love - and, I mean I live! it is difficult for
I to understand that all this occurs in our reality:
When water of the Flood
Returned to borders of coast,
again Lyubov + quietly got out Of foam of the leaving flood
On the land
These four lines from a verse can be compared to water, water can be as quiet, fine, attracting to itself, and storming elements, sweeping away everything on the way. Also and the love can be silent, quiet as though life stopped and there is nothing else except you and your darling:
+ to their voices - always to merge in a step,
I to their souls to wander in flowers long ago,
I eternity to breathe in one breath,
I to meet - with a sigh on lips -
On fragile crossings and bridges,
At narrow intersections of the universe +
But knowing a reverse side of this feeling understand that not everything is as good as it seems: + And from knights for tests
Everything she will begin to ask
more strictly,
Will demand separations and distances,
it Will deprive of rest of rest +
I all - love as not to consider it from the bad or good party, this feeling which the person lives and breathes:
+ Fresh wind of the elite excited,
forced down From legs, from the dead revived,
Therefore if did not love that -
Means, both did not live, and did not breathe!
Vysotsky has songs which something are similar to roles. Songs with such roles, of course, could be written, and could appear on a scene. Let not today, so tomorrow. But the matter is that Vysotsky did not want to wait till tomorrow. He wanted to play these roles today, now, immediately! And therefore composed them, was a director and the performer. And it did all this so skillfully, it is so convincing that people even confused it to those characters whom it represented in the songs. Confused and admired. And Vysotsky, it seems, also did not pay any attention to it. He stepped on the stage again and again, continued to compose and sing the - always unexpected, versatile - “songs - roles“. Executing them, Vysotsky put all the heart and soul, sang as for the first time. And it seemed to all that else slightly - slightly something happens also from tension created in the hall, people will begin to choke with nervousness. And Vladimir Semenovich will fall and will die directly on a scene. It seemed to listeners that at such nervous heat cannot be sung, it is impossible to breathe! And he sang. He knew that he will win back a concert and the public will blow up an applause. + Even in patrol you can not meet by
the enemy.
Is not a grief if the leg hurts.
of the Loop door much creak, much sing.
Who are you such? - here do not wait for you.

But sail! Tore a sail!
I Repent! I repent, repent +
(the Sail. The song of concern - 1966)

But its following song could be silent, pacified. And from it it sank down in soul even more. And each word in this song sounded somehow in a special way, is so gentle that caressed hearing of the listeners.
When I read Vladimir Semyonovich`s poems, they very strongly were pleasant to me. In them there is what can support any person at a difficult moment. There is inexhaustible force which feeds you for those invaluable minutes which you will remember throughout all the life, listening to songs and reading poems from its repertoire, the hidden tenderness and scope of human soul. Also about these verses there is a memory. Memory of the flown years and kind memoirs. Our memory.
I I would like to complete all earlier told saying from a verse forever of the poet living in our hearts, the actor and just very good person Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky:
... But it seems to me, we will not go with a guitar
Into deserved and gentle retirement...