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Music fights in our veins the pulsing rhythm of heart

When Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov die, the underground becomes the only haven.
of Mad Mike
“Underground Resistance“

passes Life also quickly, as well as the ceased track. Sometimes you merge with it in a uniform rhythm, and sometimes you are disconnected and enjoy the moment of sounding of music of heart. And each person chooses to himself the direction in music with which he will live. It is unlikely it is possible to tell everything about it because music can tell everything about itself. Each of us in own way understands all charm of musical sounding. One of many questions which are asked by young people at acquaintance is: “What music, you prefer?“ or “What music, you listen?“. Motto of my generation: “Tell me what you listen to, and I, will tell who you are!“. It is it is unlikely possible to tell about all directions in musical culture. It is very difficult though actually I consider that it is almost impossible, but all - I will risk and I will try. For this purpose I chose as everything known for the Techno - music. And I am sure, many do not know how it arose and lived as something live that constantly evolves.
Once in the world was not either revolving objects, or audio systems and synthesizers. Cream of society went to balls, listened to Bach, Chopin, Mozart, danced a mazourka, put on ball dresses and looked elegantly. But all changed when there was an opportunity to write down music, and it became available to a general population. So we will not forget those who forever changed our idea of music and gave us the chance to merge in a uniform rhythm.
Initially, the Techno - music as the phenomenon arose in Detroit in 1980 - x, advance on tants - floors of popular electronic music of the end 70 - x was her main idea. The first techno - musicians created the works penetrated scientifically - fantastic and futuristic subjects. Ideally the listener of a techno should not know who made it. In other words, the techno avoids photos, refuses stars, the techno - di - have Jay and producers no image. One of primogenitors of Westbam tells us what is in its understanding - it is the musical phenomenon: “The techno have no contents, the techno wants to tell nothing to you and promises nothing in the future. The techno does not call for anything and does not demand any victims. The techno gives momentary feeling of freedom. And also happiness. And also feeling that you are not lonely. That`s all“.
of the Techno are music of the future, it is so possible to characterize it, for my generation. Presently everything changed, di - Jay began to create the pieces of music, for a wide range of listeners. And also the big competition between a disk - jockeys increased, most often they think of the received benefit from sales of “product“, than of high-quality sounding. And very often compare soundings of a techno - music of our time, to sounding of that time when only, this phenomenon arose. Derrick Mai, famous di - Jay, in one of the interviews explained at once, than they differs: “All difference in attachment to the past. The house still derives inspiration in 70 - x whereas we do not have this attachment to old. Techno, definitely, future music. We are much stronger adjusted to experiment“. This thirst for experiments served as a driving force in incredibly prompt development of a techno.
But nevertheless techno - music is sounding to which nothing can be compared when you listen to it, you begin to be dissolved and enjoy moment of life, yet not to end a track, and so far you will not wake up from the received ecstasy and will not join boring, ordinary life.