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Real rum: when, as well as in what proportions?

Rum are the drink surrounded with romanticism and spirit of adventures. Arisen in the 17th century on the Caribbean islands (the first mentions of rum belong to 1657) during blossoming of a flibustyerstvo, it still is associated with times of pirates, treasure-hunters and dealers in slaves.

For rum got slaves in Africa, and then sold them to planters of a sugar cane for treacle. And further around - did rum of treacle, bought slaves etc. to

Rum as drink was extremely popular also with pirates with which the Caribbean Region teemed in those days. And it is clear - rum not only amused and lifted fighting spirit, but also was used in quality antiseptics for doctoring of wounds which, owing to specifics of work, were constant companions of “gentlemen of good luck“.

Besides, rum was used on fleet for addition in drinking water that it did not turn sour during swimming. And besides, rum was applied to disinfection of staff.

Especially the British seamen differed in it. Rum was included into a daily diet of teams of fleet of Her Majesty till 1970. However, to stop influence of rum on an organism of seamen the admiral Nelson ordered to dilute it with water. This drink received the name “grog“ - according to the name of a raincoat of the admiral “grogram cloack“. Perhaps, cocktails from rum went from here.

I do not know as far as it is true, but somewhere read that after death of the admiral Nelson in Trafalgar battle his body, for the purpose of preservation, was delivered to England in a flank with rum.

Well and, of course, at the time of the Prohibition in the USA rum from the Caribbean islands flowed to the States like water. The route and was called - “Rum Road“.

There are several versions of emergence of the name “rum“. It agrees one of them, from the name of the big glasses for alcohol used by the Dutch seamen - “rummers“, from the Danish word “roemer“. It agrees another - it is an ending of the word “saccarum“ that in translation from Latin means “sugar cane“. One more version: this beginning of the word “rumballion“ (big noise, fight). Among other options - reduction of the French word “arome“ (aroma).

Actually rum is a strong alcoholic drink from the treacle which is turning out from a sugar cane. As well as vodka - wheat stage product, and whisky - barley. The alcohol received after treacle distillation is drawn in oak barrels 1-4 years then spreads in bottles.

The main producers of rum - the Caribbean country: Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto - Rico, Dominican Republic and others.

Few years ago I spent holidays in Dominican Republic and, naturally, could not miss an opportunity to visit production of this well-known drink.

It was the factory on production of the well-known trademark of rum - BRUGAL. In the 19th century the citizen of Spain Andres Brugal Montaner moved from Catalonia to Cuba, and then to the town of Puerto - the Payment on North - the East of Dominican Republic. Having experience of production of rum in Cuba, he also organized its production here. Now it is one of the biggest enterprises for spill of rum in Caribbean countries. Every day 24 thousand boxes of this drink are made here.

Popularity of this brand of rum in Dominican republic is obvious. In bars, shops and it is possible to find BRUGAL in any house. Rum is national drink of Dominican Republic the same as we have vodka.

How drink rum? Rohm is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but drink it everywhere differently. In the majority of the countries it is used as a component of cocktails, and in the countries - producers consumed usually in pure form.

It is considered that it is the best of all to use white rum in cocktails, and dark grades that is called “alive“.

By the way, one of the most glorified cocktails with rum - punch, prepare on the basis of rum. Classical punch has five making - rum, water, sugar, lemon juice and tea.

Punch belongs to rather hard liquors, 15 - 30 degrees, and drink its hot.

Pure rum is drunk usually as cognac or whisky - after food. Rum can be given in glasses with thick walls and a bottom “to old - fashioned“ (analog - glasses for whisky).

Rum also can be mixed with syrups, fruit drinks and sparkling water. A classical example - Rohm - Cola.

Well it is necessary also to mention that rum is excellent fragrance and it is actively used in the confectionery industry. Besides, also impact to some grades of cigars easy relish of rum.

Here, actually, and all short digression to rum history. I hope that this information was interesting to you.