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How to quarrel with the owner of a cat? About the loving owners and their delusions Each owner of a cat or cat respecting himself (we will call for brevity his koshkolyuby) is ready to tell

about the zhivotinka infinitely - as sleeps that eats with what plays whom bit yesterday and scratched today.

To pass for the friend of a koshkolyub (and in general the good kind person), rather attentively to listen to it, from time to time delightfully gasping and exclaiming: “Well it is necessary!“. To become his enemy, also that is necessary less - it is simply polite to point to mistakes in feeding or care of an animal.

For example, having heard how Vasenka loves cervelat and as dexterously steals sausage pieces directly from a plate, to tell that generally such delicacies very much and are very unhealthy for the Vasenkiny liver. Be sure, koshkolyub will surely take offense at you - there is nothing to climb with councils here, he also perfectly knows (intuitively, clear business) how to feed the cat. If you want to deepen the misunderstanding abyss which divided you, you can state straight off also other popular beliefs in which captivity most of owners of cats and cats stays. Namely:

It is necessary to take a kitten in the house to absolutely small - he will so best of all get used to the new owner.

will Better get used or not is still a big question. And here the fact that chances to ache at it thus appear more it is precisely. The matter is that till 2,5-3 months kittens still depend on mother - her milk is for them not only food, but also immune protection. And psychologically the kitten at earlier age is not ready to moving to the new house yet - for it it is a serious stress so new owners are waited by at least 2 - 3 sleepless nights from - for peep of the scared kid. At last, add to it possible problems with a tray (to go to a tray without misses is not a congenital instinct, and the acquired habit on which fixing time is necessary).

After the delivery the cat needs to allow to get drunk, and that she from - for thirst can eat kittens.

I in the course of childbirth, and after a cat really thirsts and it is necessary to give to drink to her (in sense, to offer water). But here the cat can eat the kittens (it is an extreme case, though it is possible) not from at all - for thirst, and from - for eklampsiya - the state caused by sharp deficiency of calcium. Eklampsiya symptoms - the speeded-up breath (from here, probably, and the myth about thirst), a shiver in extremities, inadequate behavior (the cat keeps within to kittens, but right there rises, constantly tries to perepryatat them, can show in relation to them aggression). Water will not help here - to rescue an animal (and the eklampsiya can become a cause of death of a cat), it is injektsionno necessary to enter calcium, and sometimes and some other preparations.

To castrate cats (and to sterilize cats) - cruelly.

Actually, it is cruel to give to animals the various drops and tablets inhibiting them sexual desires. The majority of these preparations over the years can halloo development of serious illnesses (an oncopathology, a uterus inflammation, etc.) . It is cruel to watch how the animal suffers from - for, so to say, one-way love, and to do nothing. It is cruel to be covered with words that castration (sterilization) is an inadmissible intervention in private life of an animal, and it is actually simple to be afraid of difficulties of postoperative leaving. At last, it is cruel to let out a cat - the macho on the street that he solved the sexual problems there, and then sympathetically to swing the head, looking at the homeless kittens creeping under an entrance. And the operation on castration or sterilization of a cat or a cat performed by the good doctor - it is not cruel, it is humane.

The cat itself will understand that it is necessary for her - what is harmful, is will not be.

Well, we will return to our rams - a question of food. The fact that the cat will understand everything itself is, sorry, the theory for lazy. And those to whom not laziness to take an interest in this question, without effort will find out that there is a number of products which cats cannot give even if they will ask them with tears in the eyes and being kneeling. To cats as it was already mentioned above, it is impossible for animal fats (home-made sour cream - cottage cheese - cream, pork, a chicken thin skin etc.) - their liver from it will function not in the best way. And fish - not the main cat`s food: not more often than two times a week, otherwise the risk of an urolithic illness increases. Fried, smoked, salty cats are too should not - this food and to people - that is not useful that to speak about animals. And fancy bread is not necessary to a cat, and of sweet too. A cat - all - a predator, though small. And the predator needs meat - for example, crude, previously at least three days the exposed to frost beef. And still fermented milk low-fat products - kefir, cottage cheese. And crude quail eggs (not often). And a piece of boiled chicken breast - as a delicacy instead of cervelat.

Having told all this to a koshkolyub, you risk to spoil with it the relations once and for all. And it is in own way right - to climb with councils when nobody asks them, really impolitely. So - that it so, but here is only a pity for Vasenka raised by any rubbish - he is not guilty that his owners with moustaches and any hints do not need here.