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Whether to celebrate the Mother`s Day?

Every year the second May Sunday can be devoted to our darlings and dear mothers. On the second Sunday of May many countries of Europe celebrate the Mother`s Day. There is popular this holiday and on our open spaces.

Residents of Russia have an opportunity to mark out him even twice a year - on the second Sunday of May as inhabitants of Europe, and last Sunday of November. But as May already came, we will talk about a spring Mother`s Day. This year this holiday is the share of on May 13 .

History of a holiday stepped over a turn of one century. In far 1907 the young inhabitant of America Anna Jervis from the Western Virginia in memory of the early died mother decided to define day when all residents of the country of America could honor living mothers with the attention and love and to remember mothers who left this world. The young girl Anna wrote letters to different public institutions of America, legislature, to the famous Americans whose addresses it managed to find, with a request and the offer on that at least to devote one day in a year to attention and respect of mothers.

Strangely enough, the kind rush of the girl got a response in the hearts of many people - in life of each of them there was mother, and in 1910 the Mother`s Day became an official holiday of the State of Virginia. Further the good initiative was adopted by the next states, and then and neighboring countries. And it is not surprising. The love to mother - to the person who presented life, gave us in this life all the love, heat and care united people of the different states and times this day.

In our country the good initiative to celebrate the Mother`s Day was also actively supported. And though there were also those who declared that it is enough and on March 8, the International Women`s Day, we nevertheless celebrate also the Mother`s Day.

What one day in a year means as compared our mothers gave us in life? Life without them would be impossible, our first steps, the first words, the first disappointments and tears. Near us all life there is our mother. And whatever we were - good or bad, kind or angry, successful or not really, around the world there is one person - our mother who loves us not for our advantages and awards, and for the fact that we are. Just is near.

We are obliged to remember our mothers always, to love them, to care all the time while they and we live on this earth. But this day our most beloved, dearest mummies have to feel and feel even more our love, attention and care.

Find time for the mother. If you are divided by kilometers of roads and there is no opportunity to congratulate it personally, call the mummy, warm it caress and care. Just ask about how it affairs. As often in the telephone conversations we speak about ourselves more and more, forgetting to ask how it there.

If you live near mother, surely visit her this day. Reject all the affairs and cares aside - all all the same never to be in time. Present it a bouquet of spring flowers, sit behind a cup of tea with tasty cake. Facilitate it daily cares. Please with a pleasant trifle or long ago to desired gifts.

Remember what you made for the mother how many gifts presented to her how many you time neither called by phone and nor arrived personally - it will never be able to fill all that our mothers made for us.

There is a direct and incontestable link between society and certain people. Long ago became truth: the woman - mother, so safely and culturally this society is how esteemed in society.