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That it is more terrible: to ache or become impoverished?

the Free pediatrics ended for me with arrival of the new pediatrician - the girl of years of twenty with a tail who vividly delivered to the child chicken pox. Even I, the person, having very vague memories of chicken pox, doubted the diagnosis.

I do not know how now young doctors study, but she, apparently, studied the medical encyclopedia exactly as it was done by those to “Troy“, apart from a dog when prepared for travel across the Thames.

“Full absolute on - a chkha - a tel - a stvo“

This principle of the school teacher from an animated cartoon about the imp Trinadtsaty replaced firm: “Do not do much harm“. That you want for free of charge - someone will be indignant. Stop! How this moaning about the undereating doctors bothered? If the doctor has a head, then, unlike many others, he has an opportunity well and legally to earn additionally. And what it is free if each employer from each ruble paid to you honestly sends couple of kopeks for medical insurance, in the general treasury. And to compensate to himself these expenses, includes them in the cost of the goods which, in turn, who buys? Right. You also buy.

Therefore so-called “free“ medicine in our country very much even paid. And still slow and boorish. You cannot be paid back just like that results of analyses in day in kind. You cannot ask to direct you to inspection in that center to which you trust more.

Millions of people need that at least once in life to make head MRT. But to receive treasured: “In a cranium of a brain it is not revealed“, they should stand in a queue for months. Under a condition if at all will receive the direction. And the direction will be received only after the doctor tests for them all checked medicines and novelties of the market.

Perhaps for doctors it and a secret, but for a month of standing in waiting list for inspection it is possible and to die. And it is not a joke. Though as Carnegie wrote, your death will upset them much less, than own toothache.

At the same time tomographs often “miss“ waiting for the patient, occasionally being distracted by the paid order. Eat

birch bark and you will cheer up till a time,
Tea, not chemistry what,
Tea, natural gifts.
(L. Filatov)

It is sad, but medicine at us symptomatic, almost filatovsky. We easily can catch some “allergy“, “nerve strain“ and as treatment to catch the preparation removing symptoms.

The head ached? Drink a preparation for blood circulation. Drink it always even if nothing hurts you. Fly and is old, and mlad! You will improve memory, the fatigue will be gone, all problems will sink into deep Leta. Well, and the fact that you will catch a two-three of “arrivals“ so it, maybe, and will be pleasant. Though who like be pleasant panic horror mixed up with a breath delay, the heartbeat cold then and the shivering hands? Perhaps to the doctor? Better the head would hurt.

A post at a forum. “Two weeks suffered a throat. The doctor wrote out one tablet. And here, sitting embracing a toilet bowl the second week, noticed: the throat, an infection, does not hurt“ .

You want to learn who the most greedy, unscrupulous person in the city? Look attentively: people walk the streets with beautiful packages, on packages the name of a preparation. “Remedy for headache“, - shouts a package. But whether knows a package that this means - psychotropic drug? I think, it is aware. And who only allowed it to advertize himself so openly? That also resolved - the most greedy and unscrupulous person in the city. “Now as I will eat

a fried svininka, the stomach also will pass“

the Medicine turned into shamanism. And having even thrown you “to an aided eye“, the free doctor, however, as well as paid sometimes, is not able to make the diagnosis, to appoint treatment. Eternally it lacks something. Just as in the song: “in winter - summer, in the fall - spring“. And actually, that that was not enough for the Monkey in immortal work of Krylov. And until it proceeds, people will be independently treated. Not without the TV, of course. The impression is made that quirky producers, unscrupulous lobbyists, bright PR managers and bad doctors are a part of one big corporation - Corporations of Monsters.

In our country it is not necessary to be afraid to ache. It is necessary to be afraid to become impoverished. And for a dessert to sum up a subject about which it is possible to talk endlessly I will give several positions from the srednemoskovsky price list. The average cost of reception of the good therapist - 700 rubles, the good expert with devices (the ENT specialist, the oculist etc., and also ultrasonography of any body, gastroscopy) - from 1000 rubles, a site X-ray - from 600 rubles, brain MRT - 4500 rubles, with contrast - 7500 rub, a massage session - 800 rubles.

Here is such picture, depressive and sad, I happened to observe. At all not from - for the fact that I am the finished pessimist and “we all the same all will sometime die“. Just I got acquainted with one person who is very long not helped. On all diagnostics he is just a simulator. And he already also does not believe that someone will help it. Here also draws the world it is black - white as sees. And melancholy and a depression as doctors speak, piece infectious. Though … they would go with the forecasts... where far away.