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The grief


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Grief value definition is shown causes there is mournful comes to get rid to give in to fall the priskorbnost is born to win to banish griefs to avoid to allow to support the person the child oppresses grieving a state gnaws torments harm

z Grief - strong grief, a sokrushennost, suffering influences.
zpk Good protection against grief - positive outlook.
p the Board from grief - optimism. in
and the faith in God can Console in grief.
p to muffle grief - think of those, the worse.
to If the person lives correctly - from grief it is easier for it to leave.
p From patient - grief leaves.
and Takes away from grief - service to people.
and Grief does life is black - white.
and Grief is capable to turn into aggression.
zp is Well expensive from grief to pleasure at whom it coincides with the natural program.
p Grief - is afraid of strong.
d Each person dreams that the grief fell down in itself, without his efforts.
p should not wait for Disposals of grief how good weather - and to work.
p One of components of disposal of grief - humility with misfortunes.
and Grief tests the person for ability to suffer.
p Cure for grief - to think of the future.
p Is necessary learns - to leave grief in the past.
zpvkl Grief is afraid of activity - that banishes thoughts.
p Carried away - forgets about grief.
p From grief take away cares.
and Favourite work distracts from grief, time heals, wine anesthetizes.
pz well treats For grief pleasant, desired, fascinating business.
p forgets About grief of people then - when consoles others. kp Grief - you will not fill in
with wine.
and Grief - communication is afraid.
p Grief gives in to self-control.
dv the Shared pleasure - is twice more, the grief - is twice less.
p Grief - the will grazes.
p the Sofa the friend of grief, a suitcase - the enemy.
p Good cure for grief - creativity.
pz Calming the person in grief it is very important to be at the correct loss for words. pz it is difficult for
to Calm words - easier something to distract.
z When we calm the person, words - how many are important not so much, that we the attention distract it.
z In grief of the person information - bearing in itself a form of the necessary future calms better.
and Well the hope calms.
p In grief of the person the given hand calms.
d Grief - shortens life.
d Grief - exhausts heart.
to Grief - is treated by dream. p That grief the melancholy did not fence off
from people and did not expose weak - it is necessary to show it not to all.
d distract problems From grief.
pz Heats grief in wine only that - who does not know that it from it is not separable.
p Grief, rolling in wine - pulls along also the person.
vp Grief - the ally of an illness.
p the Board from grief - courageous heart.
zd Grief - tranquility is afraid.
and When the person - it does not live in grief.
and Communication with the person is able grief of melancholy - unpleasantly.
of V Military Industrial Complex of grief be - it is resistant, in pleasure - it is modest.
and Grief becomes attached thoughts of it.
p Grief - strength of mind is afraid.
p Grief - patience is pacified.
d the Friend reduces grief even the presence. and to Show to
grief - to mean to open soul.
and Sincerely sympathizing - we come into soul of the person.
pz to Show grief to the good person - to reduce it, bad - to strengthen.
to Grief - the cleaner of soul.
p Grief - ages.
zd People in grief - seem tired and painful.
and Grief - a bezdonn.
and When the person has a grief - it remembers God.
and Grief takes away gloss of eyes.
z the Organism being protected from strong grief - causes not
reasonable pleasure.
and Grief - can get rid to the road.
zd Grief - is dissolved in time.
and Grief - connects language.
z Grief - eats losses.
and Sil of grief depends on a situation.
and Grief does the person defenseless and it is easier for it to get to trouble.
z Grief - is more real than pleasure.
to Feasible grief tempers will, excessive - breaks.
about Pleasure does life shorter - but a person lives longer, the grief extends it - but he lives less.
and Grief does the person weaker.
p prevents to Pass griefs into pleasure frustration.
and Grief is capable to turn out soul.
and Grief - is laconic.
p alone grief doubles.
zp Grief is discharged by the purpose and idea.
vp sympathize with the Poor in grief, to the rich - gloat over.
z Before sympathy in foreign grief - flashes complacency from own wellbeing.
and distracts reading From grief.
p Even in grief it has to befits to behave.
p When at the friend a feast go, slowly, when grief - hurry up.
p Who is able to remain kind in grief - to that and to happiness is not far.
and the Person even in grief epizodichno feels pleasure.
z Epizodichny feelings of pleasure, even caused artificially, remove a nervous tension.
and If the person has pleasure symptoms at grief at others, it, as a rule, not gloating, but shy thought of own wellbeing.
p Wisdom in pleasure - is constrained, in grief - is firm.
and Pleasure - the phenomenon collective, grief - individual. pz the Reason has to prevent
penetration of grief into soul.
kpl Grief - is worse than poverty.
z the People staying in grief seem unfriendly and spiteful.
zd Grief and experiences strengthen each other.
zd Grief - a hindrance to the solution of problems.
kld Grief - the enemy of success. and Be afraid of
that the grief did not become a habit.
d Grief - Life.
and Own grief seems much heavier.
and Only the soul is capable to find proper words of a consolation.
d does Grief the person softer.
and Grief - tempers, the pleasure - weakens. and In grief everyone before even mediocre day we perceive
as happy eternity.
and Grief does the person closed.
and Grief of the person bares, showing his disguised inner world.
d Having tested grief of people, begins to understand a grief of others.
about rivalry does not allow to See grief of others -.
and envy prevents to See human grief -.
and In pleasure of people an eagle, in grief - a lamb.
vp to reduce grief - should think, listen, speak about the stranger.
p Grief is afraid of strong.
p grief - halves Firmness. p the Silent grief brings to
more sufferings.
and Grief facilitate tears.
and Grief bares nerves.
and Grief accumulates requirement to unburden the heart, clears it, awaken on good deeds.
and Foreign grief - to us seems petty.
yu If feeling of shortage of money was not gone yet - it is not grief yet.
yu Grief is dissolved in vodka.
yu Cure for grief - gifts.
yu Grief - obesity medicine.
yu Clever not to give in to grief - is necessary studies at silly.
yu Pleasure of others bothers stronger - than the grief.
yu Grief in old age - from - for youth sins.
yu the young beauty can distract From grief -. yu the Practical person even finds
benefit in grief.
yu Only after you were supported in grief, you understand - what is the real trouble.
yu Fallen into grief - will hardly deceive.
yu Grief is transferred easier if to your enemies it is even worse.
yu Grief - a normal state of the sober person.

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