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What pies baked by a holiday half a century back?

In Russia are traditional for holidays always bake pies - it is big, the size in a baking sheet, opened when it is visible a stuffing, and closed when this stuffing is not visible. In each district there are traditions to cook mushrooms, fish pies or other fillers for a holiday. But sweet jam, jam, apples or other fruit pie was baked, probably, everywhere equally.

Pies were different, but, probably, fish pie had the biggest distribution. On the North pies were cooked from a white salmon, residents of east areas had a red fish who, as well as sturgeon, for all other residents of the USSR was in deficiency and was equated to smuggling. Good pie turned out from the capelin - fish who has length to twenty centimeters and rather fat for a cooking.

In Siberia of any special delicacy in cooking indicating local traditional food was not because most of the population of Siberia to the middle of the last century was made by visitors from the European part of the country. Therefore also laying of a holiday table did not carry any special differences when all almost equally sweet pies were cooked either with apples, or with jam.

In addition to sweet pie on a holiday table other sweets when young hostesses often carried out different manipulations with cocoa - powder were put and did chocolate sausage. Now it is difficult to establish what there food mixed up with each other for imitation of a habitual food product, but as a result there was chocolate color a sausage with the put impregnations cookies.

Did something of cookies like cake. For this purpose bought the chess cookies (now it is not made) and spread from it on a leaf a rectangle which was smeared then sour cream. On the first row the second was imposed and also smeared with sour cream. The design eight high - ten centimeters, consisting of several layers of the “chess“ cookies smeared with sour cream turned out.

Then this design was covered with sour cream from above and sideways, strewing all this with a crumb from the same cookies or decorating with some other food in a set of various options. Were able to afford to make such culinary products of ready cookies even incomplete or large families which had, as a rule, low material prosperity.

The sixtieth years of the last century are significant the fact that all republics of the former USSR lived one close-knit family. We started in space of the very first astronaut and carried out monetary reform. And the head of our state Nikita Khrushchev banged the boot on a tribune in the UN, and frightened our potential opponent of the USA to such an extent that that declared to us cold war.

During this period post-war restoration of the state came to an end, and the bulk of the population lived in poverty, but is amicable. Holidays noted all people, cheerfully, and in the evenings they turned into a festivity when often military orchestras were involved in such cases on dance pavilions. Then or there was enough money for carrying out all this, or festive actions cost nothing for local budgets.

In the rural district traditionally walked all village, gathering families when often happened so that nearly a half of residents of the village was connected among themselves by related bonds. In the late afternoon the youth gathered the companies, and adult men on one began to be brought up to the children and teenagers playing some local game. And then soon the ball or “siskin“ was driven already all village.

With approach of twilight small and old went home, and the youth began to concentrate on the bridge through the small river, the ravine or a stream proceeding through the village. Or at a village fence if the bridge was not available.

General alcoholism as it occurs in villages now, then was not, and all “truth lovers“ who point to this circumstance, claiming that in Russia always saw, tell a lie. The people making similar statements are the provokers who are in the service of dealers in alcohol. General alcoholism in Siberia could not be in principle, here long time there was “Prohibition“, and many territories were subordinated to the Cossack management and lived under army regulations.

The management of the country watched that the working person could have a rest well in holidays as it was part of foreign policy which turned into “facade“ subsequently. The compulsory care from the government of leisure of the population often brought to the same population different inconveniences and often turned also in any misunderstanding.

Nevertheless the festive spirit in the people was felt since the morning, or even since evening when the man`s part of the population received the positive charge of emotions, being present at office parties (Communist Party meetings). And a female half in the same time stood at a plate, cooked and fried that, whatever is in the house for laying of a holiday table, baking those pies...

Emergence of the cakes made of shortcake dough and other similar products, probably, is connected with emergence in shops of granulated sugar which began to be delivered, most likely, with Cuba after signing of the contract. Before sugar was on sale heads or pieces, like large crushed stone. Such sugar was pricked, striking with the knife back a piece, or split up special nippers. Then there was a sugar a sawn, peculiar prototype of modern lump sugar, and then and granulated sugar which allowed to diversify production from the test with biscuits, and also other festive and just sweet products.