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Tragicomedy “Shou Trumanga“. How Jim Carrey appeared “behind glass“?

All life - game, and people in it - actors. So the old man Shakespeare said and again hit “the bull`s eye“. Though did not assume that his descendants, having been tired of fictional collisions, will prefer to behold similar through a keyhole. To hell intricate scenarios, far-fetched emotions, sophisticated dialogues. The new format of television molds “the last heroes“ from emptiness, having regarded a scopophilia as of paramount importance.

The talented New Zealander Andrew Nikkol, based on some elements of the story of Filip Dick, built “a reality - show“ in a rank of life long entertainment. His hero - not a fruit of a sophisticated casting, to it is not present need to play on a chamber for the sake of money, glory or a rating. This person at all also does not suspect that he is the center of the artificial universe, “center of the universe“ and the only true man, the real person in global television show.

… Trumang Bierbangk is the most ordinary American of average years. It has a nice wife, easy work in insurance agency, quiet, serene life. And if not the tragedy (the father Trumanga drowned in the gulf in the face of the boy), then his existence on the planet Earth it would be possible to call ideal. As well as the town of Sikheven (“paradise by the sea“) in which Trumang never leaving the homeland even in favor of the neighboring state lives.

Since the childhood the boy dreamed to become the traveler, the pioneer. But local radio, newspapers, television and friends persistently drum to Trumang that it is necessary to appreciate “the small homeland“. That outside Sikheven the chaos and confusion reigns, and there is no best place on the earth, than this quiet, cozy, compact town with equal strips of streets and a marvelous decline by the sea. Clear business, considering that Trumang is the only real person in this magnificence of lie and a kingdom of deception. It - a star of the most popular TV show on the planet called in his honor. And his life - only an invention, the fiction broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without notes, without advertizing, endlessly.

Already 30 years as the population of the planet passed looks at Trumang Bierbangka`s life. Its birth, the first steps, the first words, school days and childish pranks, death of the father and love, working everyday life and sound sleep became property of the public for a long time. Trumang is the brand and the favourite of millions who is not suspecting about the popularity. But, sooner or later, to any fairy tale there comes the end.

Everything began with the fact that in broad daylight Trumang met on the street of the father - the drowned man. Creators could not provide that long ago the actor who left a TV show will be a renegade. Disagreements of carefully directed scenario began to be confused and collect as if a snowball. Logically perfect artificial project of the universe began to fall as a house of cards, under the weight of own contradictions. It is possible to play work, a family, even friendship. But how to simulate love? Conducted by the heart, Trumang uzhedavno tries to escape from the grown hateful island, but only now, having felt dissonance certain unknown to it systems, it finds will and courage to take a step to uncertainty …

Of course, Nikkol, despite existence in a shot of “Santa Maria“, any America did not open. The idea of the fictional world operated from the outside with kind Ali what other intentions is not new and at different times and different people already used. The merit of the New Zealander and his Australian colleague, director of the movie Peter Weir, is that they did not begin to encumber the creation with multiple hints, film quotes and vast dialogues. The task stood to tell Trumang Bierbangka`s story the most available and clear language, without going into fantastic details and without being dug in in philosophical researches of truth. Creators succeeded in it precisely.

But simplicity, as we know, is worse than theft. The skladnost of the narration of many highbrow critics also confused. Like, the tape with Jim Carrey`s participation by definition cannot be solved in a drama key. And though the actor tried to separate as much as possible from the former comic projects, his name on the poster confused inquisitive mind. All went on the comedy, without wishing to appear in a jungle of the lost human soul at all. For the same reason Carrey`s work was not nominated for Oscar, though light - the version“, is presented with the Gold globe “. However, to the actor a sin to take offense, gold figurines in principle passed “Shou Trumang“. All three (Nikkol, Weir and Ad Harris who played the creator of a TV show Christoph) left a ceremony not solono hlebavsh.

Whether something changes this fact? Unambiguously, no. Before us the magnificent, touching, clever and graceful movie in material supply. And everyone will see in “Shou Trumang“ only what will want to see, and will be in own way right. Other will be rather easy melodramatic history in which the main character runs from fictional reality for soul in search of the love. Others will find in Weir`s picture a powerful social message about the “sick society“ involved in the entertainment perverted, in fact, - podglyadka behind others life. The third will speak in favor of a fantastic parable the cynical creator who decided to play God and to make global manipulation with consciousness. In it and the history charm that it is many-sided and at the same time does not try to exhaust the viewer`s brain.

Jim Carrey, undoubtedly, proved to many sceptics that he is able not only to pull faces (and in it he, by the way, too a cut above many colleagues from shop), but also to unburden the heart on the screen. Later he confirmed the right for the status of the drama actor in the brilliant tapes “The Person on the Moon“ and “Eternal Shine of Pure Reason“. In “Shou Trumang“ Carrey still periodically punches on hokhma and an aping, but here it is justified and, in general, does not spoil impression.

As always Ad Harris who got even more inconsistent and difficult role is beautiful. His character Christoph is actually the inhabitant of heaven, the producer and the teledirector with world level, the snob and vulnerable soul at the same time. It is only worth peering into his eyes during a final monologue with Trumang to understand, how strongly he endures parting with the hero. With the adopted son if you want.

What definitely does not need to be done, so it meticulously to search in “Shou Trumang“ for the hidden promotion of the American way of life or “a reality - show“. In my opinion, it is obvious that authors, though did not crawl to spiteful satire, but let know audiences that similar experiments are not approved. The fact that such television programs existed to and perfectly feel after Weir`s movie, does not confirm correctness of critics at all. To compare “Shou Trumang“ (show, but not the movie) to same “House 2“, at least, silly. The first - global fiction, cynical and bad experiment on creation of ideal society, the second - a curve mirror of our reality. It is only necessary to recognize, as that, and another steadily attracts audience, but such is human nature. To death it is interesting to us to dig someone else`s dirt.

The main paradox of a picture is that offered by creators of a heppa - and actually more questions generate, than puts a fat end in the history of Trumang Bierbangka. Unfortunately, we do not learn how our hero endured the fact that all his family, friends and acquaintances - mean naymita of “The big brother“. As well as it is not given us to find out what Trumang should face in the real world, being behind the magic inscription Exit. Creators of a picture intentionally lost sight of these essential nuances, having lost an opportunity to shoot not just good film, but the real masterpiece.